The Wrestler & Inside Wrestling Magazines Cease Publication


Pro Wrestling Illustrated will discontinue its sister publications, The Wrestler and Inside Wrestling. These two magazines were combined into one large issue recently and have been in circulation since 1968. Growing up, my magazine of choice was a combination of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Wrestler, and Inside Wrestling.

Before internet websites, these magazines were where one would go for all the latest wrestling news. I was unaware of the Kayfabe nature of the articles that teased inter-promotional dream matches such as Sting vs. The Ultimate Warrior, which were impossible at the time. There were also speculative articles about wrestlers leaving one company for another. Sometimes it was true, and other times it was tabloid gossip.

These magazines were filled with full-color 8×10 candid photographs of various wrestlers that served as posters I hung on the wall in my room. For the longest time, I could never watch NWA shows on a regular basis, so I would look forward to my monthly update through these coveted pages.

WWF and NWA never emphasized rankings, so it was nice to see them listed in the magazine because it gave wrestling that real sports feel. I was also clued in on the existence of independent wrestling with articles on regional promotions and up-and-coming wrestlers.

With sales of WWE magazine in decline, it makes me wonder how much longer Pro Wrestling Illustrated will be around. You would have to think that WWE outsells PWI by a reasonable margin considering one appeals to hardcore fans while the other appeals to casual fans and the casual fans pay the bulk of the bills.

Honestly, besides reading an article here and there, I haven’t purchased or read an entire issue since wrestling websites became popular in the late 90s. Like many print magazines today, the advertisements outweigh the articles, and why wait one month for news when a few clicks of the mouse will give me the information immediately.

I am sad because another piece of my childhood is being put out to pasture. Another part of me feels I have no right to care since I stopped buying them. I prefer to read my comic books, magazines, newspapers, etc., on my Kindle Fire tablet.

Writing this blog may have been therapeutic. For old-time shake, I think I will pick up an issue of PWI on my next trip to the newsstand. Check out, where you can order the magazine in print or digital format.

10 thoughts on “The Wrestler & Inside Wrestling Magazines Cease Publication

  1. Sad to hear. The first wrestling magazine I ever bought was an issue of Inside Wrestling back in 86 covering Wrestlemania 2. Every month it was a thrill to buy these mags. Inside Wrestling was my fave because of its “Roll Call of Champions” feature which detailed all these weird and wonderful championships such as the “International Wrestling Grand Prix Junior Heavyweight Champion”, etc. I pored over these things like crazy. PWI was my second favorite, especially the year-end review. I remember back in December 1988 my family was moving out of the country for a while and I was desperate to find a copy of this issue before we finally left. When I finally found it at the AIRPORT as we were getting ready to leave, I realized that sometimes life gives you what you want when you really need it! Again, just sad to see that another aspect of the wrestling I knew as a kid is gone.

  2. Yea I remember the entire line of these magazines. I was curious as to which ones were left out there, & thanks to you, I do now. So I thank ya for that. I always was & always will be old school. I loved the NWA & went to more of there shows (usually in the front row) than I can count. Back when the Rock N Roll – Midnight Express feud was hot & the Magnum TA – Tully Blanchard feud was hot. All the wrestlers face’s & heels were so nice. They would sign posters & chat it up with us fans, it was really something special. And it was in those magazines of old where I bought the entire line of those old Superstar Pro Wrestling Games to. And as we are now in 2014 I am proud of 2 things. One is, I am now 30 years strong in having my NWA wrestling. Fri-Sun I still have the TBS shows just like we all saw on TBS back in the day. Then Mon-Thu I go on tour & have my house shows just like any company would. I even have PPVs to. Plus I now have up my own website called Old School Wrestling. Plus I also have Braves baseball to. That’s another game I have. So its just like old times every day & the best of all, is the NWA LIVES!!! Under my roof every night. I’ll never sell it, & I don’t have a price nor can I be bought. This time, us school farts win this one.So I’ll always will be forever grateful for the Bill Apter wrestling magazines for helping me to get my NWA up & running. When all the territory’s dried up, who would of thunk it, that wrestling would go to the crapper. This may come as a shock, but not all us fans like the WWE brand. Looking back, I’m so glad I held onto my line of Superstar Pro Wrestling Games. Now lets see Vince try & screw that up. LOL See Vince, now I’M THE BOSS & THE NWA LIVES ON !!!!!

  3. I have a lot of issues from the mid to late 90’s. My dad use to print them. If anyone is interested in any let me know!

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