Batman Incorporated #9 Review


Batman Incorporated #9 | Writer: Grant Morrison | Art: Chris Burnham & Jason Masters | Colors: Nathan Fairbairn & Hi-Fi | Letters: Dave Sharpe | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $2.99 | From my column at Forces of

It is Damian Wayne’s funeral and the opening images show Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Alfred serving as pallbearers. Obviously, everyone is sad but Bruce is addled with a personal loss, and looks as if he can barely hold the coffin.

Everyone wants to say something but no one knows how to say it to Bruce. Robins have come and gone over the years and they all looked at Bruce like a father. The difference is Damian was actually Bruce’s son which makes the day even harder to deal with.

The art team of Burnham and Masters depict these moments so well because it has you feeling a little bit of the agony they are going through. The book goes back and forth between flashbacks leading to Damian’s last moments and his final resting place.

Morrison masterfully and slowly elevates tension because like we’ve seen in the past, eventually, Batman is going to snap and take his vengeance. Knowing that this incident hits home more than any before it makes the tension more abundant for the reader. With three issues left on Grant Morrison’s run on this series, there is little doubt that heads are going to roll like never before and we all get a front row seat  

Grade: B

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