Alistair Overeem is the Smartest Guy in the Room


Alistair Overeem is receiving criticism for his post-fight interview at UFC 169. Following his unanimous decision victory over Frank Mir, Overeem said, “I heard there’s word that Brock Lesnar is about to come back to the UFC. Well I’ll be here waiting for him.” The resentment is reasonable but you can’t blame him for taking advantage of a situation that could mean a high-profile fight.

Reporters and fans are displeased with Overeem calling out a retired fighter while other contenders are waiting in the wings. Dana White also scoffed at the Dutchman, challenging someone who no longer fights in the UFC. Overeem calmly replied, “I heard there was talk of him coming back. That’s all.”

Brock Lesnar’s rumored return to the UFC was last week’s hot news item. While his current WWE contract prevents him from stepping foot in the Octagon, where there’s smoke, there’s fire when it comes to Lesnar. He has a history of getting what he wants in contractual situations. Despite the criticism, Overeem played into this perfectly because he has everyone talking.

Yes, he already beat Lesnar but think about the prospect of a rematch?

Lesnar himself stated he feels better than ever and hated the way his MMA career ended. Lesnar suffers from Diverticulitis, which caused him extreme abdominal pain, and Overeem put him down vicious knees and kicks to the abdomen. If Lesnar truly feels better, that means strikes to that part of the body are no longer an issue, so it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility that he would want to avenge the loss that retired him.

Overeem knows how to play the game and realizes that it’s worth getting a little criticism for the slight chance of fighting Brock Lesnar, should he return. The fight would be huge. How huge? Let me paint the picture. The bar I frequent normally has a waiting time of thirty minutes to gain entry for UFC events. The night of UFC 141 had a waiting time of one hour, just to get a pager, and another hour plus to gain entry. Win or lose, Brock Lesnar delivers the good, and Alistair Overeem is a smart man for trying to capitalize on an opportunity that will have him laughing all the way to the bank.

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