It’s Showtime Folks: Thought’s on Sting’s Return


It took 13 years, but Sting finally appeared on WWE television in an official capacity. Albeit it was in a commercial for the company’s 2K15 video game, but it was still cool to see something after months of speculation. Gamers will be happy to have the WCW icon as a full-fledged character in the game as opposed to taking tedious amounts of time to create him. I really enjoyed this commercial. The violinists playing Sting’s original crow theme as he emerged from the shadows was very well done. I can’t get that song out of my head as I’ve been humming it since Monday. The next logical step in this promotion’s progression should culminate with an in-ring appearance. Then again, that might be just a pipe dream.


Sting is the one major star that Vince McMahon has never been able to sign. He came close, several times over the years, but whether it was money, schedule, his faith, or fear of how his character would be portrayed, something always held him back. It’s 2014 and the Stinger is 55 years old. If he truly wants to dance in the squared circle of WWE, the time is now. With each passing year the nostalgia wears thin. As someone who grew up during the Monday Night War, I’ll always have visions of Scorpion Deathlocks dancing in my head.


At this point, with a DVD and a Hall of Fame induction inevitable, I think he will wrestle, even if it’s just in one match. The obvious dream match is Sting vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Sting did an interview with The Daily Mirror and stated his desire about this possibility.


“I didn’t want to hang it all up and retire and disappear again without having done that in some capacity.  I’ve made it clear I’d love to have one last hurrah, one last big match, hopefully.  And of course, I’ve been outspoken about Undertaker being the opponent.”


If that match happens, he’s not going to win. WWE creations will always go over on WCW creations. This is why I feel we will get a few matches out of him because losing his one and only outing will make Sting come across as an over-hyped act from the past. Us hardcore fans know the drill but the casual fans who don’t read the dirt sheets and didn’t grow up on WCW will see it differently.


Usually, a high value performer like Sting, with limited engagements, will only work with the top names like John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar. However, WWE desperately needs to create new stars and having someone on the rise get the rub from the former eight-time world champion could be a crucial piece of the puzzle. Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and Bray Wyatt are creatively talented workers who not only have great matches, but can make their opponents look good in marvelous ways. Can you imagine a program between Sting and Bray Wyatt? The maniacal cult leader looking to extinguish the light of the dark avenger from above? The program writes itself.


In many ways, Sting represents the one thing that WWE has never able to attain. A video game presence is a step in the right direction, but getting him to lace up his boots is the real endgame. Sting has been a main event player since 1990 and for many years, he was the biggest gun in a ratings war that could put the WWE out of business. Vince McMahon is accustomed to putting his own spin on acts created elsewhere, while making sure to knock the performer down a few pegs. Hopefully, egos will be checked at the door so my generation can finally get the last piece of nostalgia of a time long remembered.


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