UFC’s Calendar Craze


It’s funny how sometimes you can set out to do one thing, and then completely turn around and do something else. I’m of the opinion that the UFC is putting on way too many shows. The interest varies across the board due to some cards boasting big-name stars on the marquee while others simply have nameless faces posing as feature attractions.


With approximately forty-five events scheduled for 2014, the UFC runs the risk of over-saturating the market which will lead to customer fatigue. However, what if every event was must-see TV? As I was writing an article for the Camel Clutch Blog, my analysis of the situation has changed my position on the matter. There is a method to the Zuffa onslaught of shows that could pay huge dividends going forward.


Check out my newest article titled “Too Many UFC Shows Could Be a Good Thing” up now at the Camel Clutch Blog.com


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