Bitch Planet #2 Review

Bitch Planet #2 | Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick | Artist: Valentine De Leabdro | Colorist: Cris Peter
Publisher: Image Comics | From my column at Forces of

One of the many great things that Kelly Sue DeConnick accomplishes with Bitch Planet is that she sets the reader on one path and then without a moment’s notice, sends us down a completely different course.

The fact that we don’t see it coming is one thing, but the manner of execution along with the emotion the narrative extracts is pure genius. The titular planet is a prison where men send troublesome women who are “noncompliance.”

The pretentiousness in the first seven pages is a generational backhand towards women as a species.

Women’s sociological plight is the overarching theme of the story, but DeConnick doesn’t hit the you over the head with it, but instead uses it as a vehicle to augment some of the larger issues at hand.

The protagonist, Kam, is forced to put together a team for a Hunger Games style game show otherwise she will be prosecuted for a murder she didn’t commit. Kam is a spunky, strong and confident individual who is natural born leader.

Valentine De Leabdro’s artwork perfectly compliments the bombastic nature of the story especially, when Penny-Rolle, the ghetto juggernaut of the prison is smashing fools left and right in the background as Kam layouts the initial part of her plan.

Cris Peter’s coloring has this psydecellic vibe where purples, greens and yellows brings an anomalistic sense of routine because for the men referred to as Fathers, the world is one big party and women just live in it.

I normally don’t read the letters to the editor section but there is some great reading that expands on the underlying message Kelly Sue DeConnick is sending. The next issue is going to take a break from the main story arc focus on the origin story of Penny-Rolle which is a great first choice in this outstanding comic book endeavor.

4.5 out of 5

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