Smith Hart Talks WWE’s Creative Direction, Roman Reigns, Bret Hart, Vince Russo, and More


In this special edition of the Gerweck Report podcast, I talked to Smith Hart of the legendary Hart Family. Smith is the oldest brother of Bret Hart and the uncle of WWE Diva Natalya. Click here to find out what Smith had to say about various topics such as

-Earliest memories of breaking into the wrestling business

-His days as an amateur wrestler

-Stampede Wrestling

-Wrestling in Japan

-Thoughts on the UFC

-His relationship with his brothers Bruce, Keith, and Bret

-WWE current creative direction

-Would he ever work for WWE, TNA or ROH

-His dealings with John Laurinaitis

-How to book heels and babyfaces

-Does he believe Roman Reigns is ready to be the top guy

-His blog about the ten worst executives in the history of wrestling

-His challenge to Vince Russo

-and more!

Warning: strong language

Visit Smith Hart on Facebook and Twitter @SmithHart1

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