Rexdous is 64 Million Years of Fun in the Making

Rexodus TPB | Writer: James Farr | Artist: Jon Sommariva | Colorists: Camila Fortuna,
Dustin Evans, John Rauch | Publisher: Dark Horse Comics | Release Date: June 24, 2015


“Daddy needs you to step away from the apex predator,” Dr. Dixon nervously says to his 12-year-old daughter, Amber, as she accidentally awakens a living and breathing dinosaur from a 64 million year cryosleep and brilliantly and humorously sets the tone for this fast-paced intergalactic tale of survival.

If you look at the cover, you see a little girl with an orange T-Rex who is wearing body armor and ready to attack the enemy.

“Maybe this is a comedy, a parody that is only meant to deliver a good laugh,” I thought as I judged this cover. Not that there is nothing wrong with a parody. James Farr and Jon Sommariva take what we know about these historical beasts and flip it upside down.

You can check out my entire review of Rexdous here at Forces of

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