AAA: TripleMania Flops on the U.S. Stage


The Lucha Libre style of professional wrestling has really never been my cup of tea. However, with more and more international wrestling promotions trying to enter the American market, I decided to be supportive by ordering TripleMania 23, an event held by AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración). To say I made a big mistake in ordering this show would be an understatement.

This is AAA’s biggest event of the year and there was a cool video package that was produced with a Mission Impossible theme since the franchise’s newest film installment, Rogue Nation sponsored the event. The thing is, I couldn’t enjoy it because the show was plagued with production problems from the very beginning. 

The audio kept rapidly cutting in and out for the majority of the broadcast. The picture started shaking and filling up with static during the third match that was coupled with a weird buzzing noise. It got to the point where I almost changed the channel because I thought my TV was going to short circuit. They finally managed to fix all of the production problems…just in time for the co-main event.

On commentary, Matt Striker kept calling to his Twitter followers to help identify the productions problems while you couldn’t hear Hugo Savinovich and it was apparent to this Lucha novice that neither one of them were that familiar with the product. Striker would break kayfabe here and there while Savinovich would often translate everything word for word instead of providing informative commentary.


Now, how about them matches? Well, they were a hodgepodge of good, bad, dull, and horrible.


– Dinastia, Pimpinela Escarlata, Goya Kong & Drago defeated Mini Psycho Clown, Mamba, Sexy Star & Daga:

The opening eight-person tag team match was boring and silly at the same time. The gender neutral aspect of minis, women and men fighting each other didn’t feel right to me. I’ve been told that this is a standard affair down in Mexico, but I just couldn’t get into it.


– Los Villianos III, IV & V defeated The Psycho Clown Circus:

I’ve seen backyard wrestling matches better than this train wreck. There seem to be no coordination or any sort of plan going into the match. Villiano III and Villiano IV looked like they didn’t even belong in the ring. The Psycho clowns had a good entrance, but it was all downhill after that.


– AAA Trios Title Steel Cage Match Los Hell Brothers (Averno, Cibernetico & Chessman) defeated Jack Evans, Angelico, Fenix and Pentagon Jr., El Hijo Del Fantasma, El Taxeno Jr to retain the titles when Averno grabbed the belt for the win:

The steel cage stipulation wasn’t even advertised. This is one surprise that should have stayed in the box. The match was rushed and the cage hinder some of the most amazing high flyers in the business today from doing their thing. Sure, some of the wrestlers were able to get their highspots in, but it looked more like a demonstration than a match with any intensity.


– Blue Demon Jr. & La Parka defeated Electro Shock & El Mesias:

All four wrestlers worked hard, but it was a cross between bad and ok.


– Hector Garza and  Perro Aguyao. Jr were inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame

Both men are no longer with us and it was a nice moment that was hard to take in due to all of the production problems.


– Hair vs. Hair: Alberto El Patron made Brian Cage submit with the arm bar:

The production problems were finally solved as both men made their entrances. There was nothing wrong with this match. Lots of interference, a heel referee got involved, and a crap load of chair shots to the head, where both wrestlers put their hands up to block the shot, occurred.

I know its taboo to take an unprotected chair shot to the head and I wouldn’t want either of them to do so. However, it looked super phony and they should have done chair shots to the back instead. But hey, the live audience enjoyed it, so what do I know?


– Rey Mysterio forced Myzteziz to tap out with the La Mistica which is Myzteziz’s finisher:

Elaborate ring entrances along with some good brawling and fast-paced, high-flying moves made for an excellent match with a big fight feel to it. The post-match angle afterwards involving Pentagon, Joe Lider and Averno was a real downer and was poorly executed.

They rolled credits and killed the audio as Konnan was inviting Myzteziz to join his stable, La Sociedad. If you put aside the angle, this was truly a case of the past and the present colliding to dictate the future.


In summary, this was the worst major wrestling show I’ve ever seen, and that covers a lot of ground. I won’t call it the worst overall show because I’ve seen some independent wrestling shows that would make this event look like The Shawshank Redemption.

Matt Striker deserves some credit for trying to provide some semblance of commentary in a bad situation. As for Hugo Savinovich, well, not so much. The Rey/Myzteziz match saved this show from being a complete waste of time.

AAA at least owned up to it and apologized for the technical difficulties. Still, this was a huge missed opportunity that probably turned away more fans than it gained.  As for calling my cable provider to carry their next event on October 4th, I think I’ll pass.

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