Star Wars: Shattered Empire #3


Star Wars: Shattered Empire #3 of 4 | Writer: Greg Rucka | Artist: Marco Checchetto, Angel Unzueta | Colorist: Andres Mossa | Publisher: Marvel Comics | |The Road To Episode VII @ Forces of

Even from beyond the grave, Emperor Palpatine will do anything to protect his secrets. Satellites have been sent to select planets across the galaxy to create typhoon strength storms that will destroy everything in their path.

One of these planets is Palpatine’s homeworld of Naboo. Coincidentally, Princess Leia and Shara Bey (Poe Dameron’s mother) are there meeting with the Queen in an attempt to bring allies to the New Republic.  

The use of a weather device sounds a little out of touch with the Star Wars universe. Greg Rucka makes it work brilliantly; just he’s done with everything else in this series.

So far, Naboo is the only planet identified in this onslaught. Will other systems of note be destroyed or altered? If so, what role will it play in The Force Awakens?

The phrase “Imperial Remnant” is used for the first time and with some emphasis. This is the term used to describe The First Order. What if one of the planets the Emperor chose to dispatch his weather devices to is Tatoonie? The planet could have been altered to such a degree that it was renamed as a way to start over spiritually. Maybe the name bestowed upon this world is Jakku, the desert planet seen in TFA trailers.

One of the things that make Star Wars, so fun is the battle scenes. The artwork expresses how much Checchetto and Unzueta love this universe. The coordinated attacks, the last-minute save from a Stormtrooper sneaking up for the kill shot, and the unbelievable luck of an AT-ST crashing into a sealed Imperial complex delivers that feeling of  “We’re home.”


Lucasfilm and Disney have been very careful not to call back to the prequels during their marketing for TFA. On the other hand, Rucka does it quite a bit as Leia rushes to the hangar from Episode I to see if the old N-1 Starfighters are operational. She suddenly feels a disturbance in the Force, and an image of Darth Maul appears.

In Princess Leia #2, she experienced a similar feeling on Naboo when she encountered Queen Amidala’s mural. I suspect this explained Leia’s conversation with Luke in Return of the Jedi when she said her mother was beautiful even though she never met her. Both of these moments were well executed and show how this planet triggers the Force inside of Leia.

Shattered Empire #1 was the highest-selling comic book in September. That speaks to how this series has captured Star Wars fans’ imagination while delivering real stakes and developments that took place after Return of the Jedi. The last issue of this series will be released next week. Even though this book is an easy sell, I’m going to say it anyway. BUY IT NOW!

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