Brock Lesanr Doesn’t Care What You Think


“I don’t give two sh*ts about that. This is about me. I want to get in there and be an athlete again. That’s what this is about.” This was a response from Brock Lesnar during a UFC media conference call on Thursday when asked about his drawing power in pro wrestling diminished if he lost to Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

“I don’t know; I don’t care what she says.” This is the response from Lesnar about Stephanie McMahon’s comments in an interview with Business Insider when she said WWE is “not supporting the fight necessarily.” 

Brock Lesnar makes headlines easier than most, and this time is no exception since many people have shared their opinion on the former world champion’s remarks. Good, bad, or indifferent, It’s easy to understand why Lesnar shouldn’t care about what people think.

Picture being trapped in a cage with a large Samoan headhunter who has the skill and affinity to knockout you out most painfully and embarrassingly as possible while potentially being able to negate your biggest strength.

Mark Hunt is the person opposite Lesnar in the above scenario. Lesnar, after a 4 1/2 year absence from real fighting, will face Hunt at UFC 200. On fight night, Lesnar can’t go into the octagon all shook up about the fallout that could come with a loss.

Yes, he is in an unprecedented situation because, as a WWE contracted wrestler, he will compete in a real fight; however, Lesnar’s career and MMA have been unique. He won championships and become the top draw in WWE and UFC faster than anyone.

Lesnar is used to high-pressure situations. No matter how many people it may rub wrong, doing things his way has always been a key to his success. On July 9th, 100% of his focus needs to be on the task at hand.

If anything, WWE should support Lesnar (who is arguably their biggest star) instead of sending mixed messages. After all, they did approve of his participation in this fight.

Does Stephanie McMahon want her company’s biggest star to keep his SummerSlam drawing power in mind as he’s timing his shots in the cage on fight night? The bottom line is that Brock Lesnar can think about WWE’s box office sales and network subscriptions on July 10th.

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