Looking Back at ElkMania 4


(ElkMania is an annual professional wrestling show that I produce and promote.) 

September 2016 has not been kind to me. If I’m not sick, I’m injured, and if I’m not injured, I’m sick. Then there have been days where both have occurred simultaneously. I normally despise taking time off from work or reneging on any of my responsibilities or commitments, however, this time, I was unable to shake it off and work through the discomfort.

With all of that said…

To say that ElkMania 4 was an amazing success would be an understatement. Each year, the show has gotten bigger, better and increased in popularity to the point where unfortunately, we had to turn people away after filling our near three hundred seat venue, which included standing room only accommodations.

The increasing success of ElkMania Promotions is due to the talented and hard-working wrestlers who put on a great show that keep the fans coming back for more.

The outstanding and dedicated staff who makes our audience feel right at home while serving their needs augments the entire fan experience.

People always ask me how much money I make off of the ElkMania shows. The answer is, I don’t.

The show is a way for me to flex my creative muscles while raising funds for a good cause. Even with that answer people tend to look both ways, lean in a little closer and say “Come on, you can tell me. What’s the payday?”

Derek Simonetti as the new Bay State Champion (Photo by Kelz Maria)

Selling out our building, seeing the wrestlers having fun in and out of the ring, fans constantly praising the show, the look on an audience members face as they boo, cheer, yell and scream in utter amazement, and the pop Derek Simonetti received when he pinned Tony Spencer to become the Bay State Champion to cap off a remarkable evening. Oh, and breaking the record for the most funds raised is pretty sweet, too!

That’s my payday.

I want to thank to all of our volunteers who went above and beyond to help make ElkMania 4 a special evening.

Desiree Ferreras, Harry Anderws, Susan Laudenslager Andrews, Grayce Conklin, MarthaAvril Duncan, Nicole Sfafford, Rebecca Sue Toltz, Derek Mitchell, Stefan Mogielnicki, Adam Kohn,

and last but not least, my lovely wife who puts up with a constantly changing and hectic dynamic at the ticket table, Juliet Carty Greene.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the show. See you next year! Then again, we MAY have some else in store for you.

Ryan Andrews and Todd Graham, I tip my hat to you two.



September, 24 2016
Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly MA.
Referees: Ron Greer, Josh Day, Red Roche

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn
Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer
Matchmaker: Atlee Greene

– Pre-Show Match: “Insane” Dick Lane defeated “The International Male” Aaron Amadeus

The show began with ElkMania matchmaker Atlee Greene addressing the audience until he was interrupted by Chad Epik along with The Firebirds and “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett. Epik ran down ElkMania Promotions and the fans claiming that his stable deserves more respect.

Greene took umbrage with Epik’s comments against the fans. He order that the tag team match with the Firebirds start immediately and sent Burke Beckett back to the locker room.

  • The Black Gate Mercenaries (Kevin Gyles & “The Hired Gun” Derrick Conway) w/ Delilah Hayden defeated The Firebirds (Richard Ripley & Michael McManus) w/ Chad Epik when Conway hit the Meteora on Ripley for the pin.

– Liberty States Wrestling Showcase: “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople pinned “The Best Around” TK O’Ryan after Sople hit O’Ryan with a low blow off of the referee distraction. Sople went to throw O’Ryan out of the ring in order signify how he was going to win the North Shore Rumble later in the evening.

O’Ryan, however, reversed things and threw Sople out of the ring to the delight of the crowd, vowed revenge on Sople and declared his intentions to win the North Shore Rumble.

***Matchmaker Atlee Greene was conducting a poll to see who the fans thought would win the All-Star title match until he was interrupted by “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer. After running down the crowd, Derek Simonetti came out and the two exchanged words until Simonetti ended with telling Spencer that he would “break his ass in half.”

  • The Kool People (DJ AC & Sammy Deleon) and “The Viking” Jon Wilson defeated The Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) and Billy Avery when Wilson hit Avery with the spear for the 1-2-3.

– The Loser of the Fall loses their spot in the North Shore Rumble: The Closers (Brad Hollister & Hammer Tunis) defeated “The East Bay Outlaw” Rocco Abruzzi and “The Native American Warrior” Tomahawk when Hollister pinned Tomahawk.

Post-Match activity saw The Closers voice their displeasure over having to put their Rumble spots on the line and guaranteed that one of them would leave Bay State Champion.

– All-Star Championship: Joey Warner pinned “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin to retain the title.

The lights went out as Warner celebrated his victory. A hooded figure emerged from the darkness, entered the ring and blinded sided the champion with a brutal beat down.

The lights went up and the hooded figure was revealed to be “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger, who wasn’t even supposed to be in the building.

Krueger, along with his manager, Jason J. Alexander, goaded and challenged a beaten Joey Warner into a title match on the spot. Against the advice of medical personal, referees and officials, Warner accepted the challenge.

– All-Star Championship: “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger w/ Jason J. Alexander defeated Joey Warner to become the new champion.

  • Warner put up a valiant effort, but between the damage he sustained in his previous match with Corbin and the onslaught from Krueger, it didn’t take long for the champion to fall. In their post-match tirade, Krueger and Alexander stated that a “Revelation” is coming.

– North Shore Rumble for the vacant Bay State Championship: 30 Wrestlers, entry every sixty seconds according to the number they drew, the final two wrestlers compete in a singles match to determine the winner.
Rumble Order and Notes:

  1. “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin:
  2. Richard Ripley drew #2 (The Firebirds)
  3. “The East Bay Outlaw” Rocco Abruzzi
  4. Michael McManus (The Firebirds)
  5. Hammer Tunis (The Closers)
  6. Matt Landeau
  7. “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer
  8. Biohazard
  9. Alex Knight: Pro Debut
  10. Derek Simonetti
  11. Kevin Gyles (Black Gate Mercenaries)
  12. “The Viking” Jon Wilson
  13. Billy Avery
  14. “The Hired Gun” Derrick Conway (Black Gate Mercenaries)
  15. Delilah Hayden
  16. DJ A.C. (The Kool People)
  17. “Insane” Dick Lane
  18. “Big Bacon” Brad Holister (The Closers) *Most eliminations (7)
  19. Jesse Albenez
  20. Steven Lust (The Middlesex Express)
  21. Flax
  22. TK O’Ryan:
  23. Steven Broad (The Middlesex Express)
  24. “International Male” Aaron Amadeus
  25. “The Original Showoff” Mike Pavia
  26. NCW Heavyweight Champion: Lumberjake
  27. Sammy Deleon (The Kool People)
  28. “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett
  29. Firecat
  30. “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople

The final four came down to Derek Simonetti, Derrick Conway, TK O’Ryan and Brad Holister.

In a shocking turn of events, Conway eliminated Holister. Enraged by being trumped by the young upstart, Holister came back into the ring and threw Conway over the top rope foe the elimination. Holister wasn’t done yet as he proceeded to put Conway through a table with a spinebuster form the stage.

The finals came down to TK O’Ryan and Derek Simonetti and the match was announced, however, Tony Spencer, who was thought to be eliminated, came out of nowhere and dumped out TK’ O’Ryan. The officials rules that Spencer never went over the top rope, still legally in the Rumble and now a finalist.

North Shore Rumble Finals: Derek Simonetti defeated “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer after hitting him with a moonsault from the top rope to become the new Bay State Champion.

The Elks Lodge erupted in unison as the referee’s third slap of the canvas usher in the era of Simonetti. The ‘Agent of Change’ pinched himself in disbelief as he received the newly minted title belt.

Chants of “SIMONETTI, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP” and “YOU DESERVE IT” filled the air as an emotion filled Simonetti expressed some heartfelt reflection over the microphone along with a preview of what could be next for the champion.

ElkMania 4 not only broke its own attendance record but also raised a record breaking $2797.04 for the Elks National Foundation.

We couldn’t have done this without all of the fans who came out and supported the show. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors as their generous donations helped make this event possible.

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