Lio’s Rush to Judgement


Newly signed NXT star Lio Rush made headlines yesterday for all the wrong reasons. WWE announced that Emma has been released and is officially no longer with the company. Rush proceeded to make light of the situation on Twitter, which didn’t endear him to fans or his fellow colleagues.

Soon after Emma’s release was made public, Rush chimed in with “these are the things that happen when you’re not TRULY ready for @WWEAsuka,” referring to the Aussie’s final two matches in the company.

Sean Waltman, Bray Wyatt, Peyton Royce, and others directed their disapproval towards the former ROH star. Rush’s long and sarcastic sounding apology didn’t do him any favors as it drew the ire of Kevin Owens and Dash Wilder.

Lio Rush’s comments were insensitive and in bad taste. There’s no doubt about it. At 22 years old, I hope this doesn’t ruin his career as it relates to WWE…Let me explain.

Professional wrestling is the weirdest business on the face of the Earth. Practitioners from all levels of the business can get heat from their colleagues who have clout in a particular setting. Speaking from my experience as an independent wrestler and a promoter, I’ve had heat with and from people.

The thing is that heat tends to snowball downhill. It gets bigger and bigger until the individual gets the wrong kind of reputation. And the wrong kind of reputation makes people say “F&%@ that guy” when that wrestler’s name comes up in booking meetings.

Yes, comments like the one Rush made show a lack of respect, which is paramount not only to have but legitimately have, for those who came before you. Some wrestlers like Mick Foley and Road Dogg will look at this as a kid making a mistake.

Rush will serve his penance and then it will be over…but sometimes it’s not. I normally don’t like to talk about the backstage gossip in wrestling but I’ve seen the effects that drama like this can cause.

It stinks to be in Emma’s situation because she no longer has a steady paycheck. Making fun of anyone in that situation is bad form. If Rush is truly sincere with his apology, give him his just deserts and move on. People deserve a second chance to make things right. Hopefully, he won’t be defined by this one error in judgment.

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