Nia Jax “My Hole” Goes Viral to My Inbox… at Work.

Nia Jax lost to Lana in a Tables Match last night on Raw and hurt her “hole” in the process.

Following a missed leg drop on the apron, Nia oversold it and screamed out, “AHHHHHH! My Butt! My Hole!” in a moment that has gone viral on social media.

I’m not surprised #MYHOLE is trending because that’s what the internet does. However, appearing in my inbox at work was unexpected.

I didn’t watch the match last night. So, the email I received from the Tushy Bidet company during a morning staff meeting is when I first learned of the incident.

Why am I receiving an offer letter for Nia Jax at work? It looks like everyone on the planet received this email. It never arrived in my personal email account where I corresponded with wrestling media outlets.

I know the company is trying to capitalize on the moment since their products are tailor-made for such an occurrence. However, all of my colleagues got the email, and of course, the wrestling guy in the office is the prime suspect.

Funny enough, it provided a nice detour from the mundane PowerPoint presentations. Instead, I gave my coworkers the 411 on Nia Jax as they feverishly swiped through the meme foundry of Nia’s leg drop #MyHole.

All of the talking heads on my Zoom screen stated, “I know wrestling’s fake, but THAT WAS REAL!” I didn’t kill the illusion for them and nodded in agreement with utter certainty.

After all, I got to protect the business…Kayfabe.

I got to give props to Nia Jax. Lana is not the best worker, making it hard to book a believable scenario where she wins. Nia sold the leg drop like a champ. It’s the sell that gave Lana the perfect narrative opening to push Nia through a table.

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