Bron Breakker Shines In NXT 2.0 Debut

NXT 2.0 debuted with a colorful and vibrant motif to signal the start of a new era for WWE’s developmental brand. While opinions are mixed regarding NXT’s new direction, one piece of business that conjured up some excitement is the arrival of a new wrestler named Bron Breakker.

If Bron Breakker looks sort of familiar, it’s because he resembles his father, Rick Steiner of the legendary Steiner Brothers tag team. Breakker made his television debut on Tuesday during NXT’s relaunch, where he defeated LA Knight in the show’s opening contest.

Knight, who was in the fatal four-way main event for the vacant NXT Championship, believed the rookie would serve as a warm-up bout. Unfortunately for Knight, that didn’t come to pass. The Woodstock, Georgia native delivered a nice Steiner-line like his old man used to throw and finished Knight with a gorilla press into a power slam.

If that’s wasn’t enough shine for a first appearance, Breakker came face to face with newly minted NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa backstage to close the show.

Breakker also donned a singlet that many noticed matched NXT’s new paint-splattered color scheme. However, his father sported many colorful singlets back in the day, making Breakker’s choice of attire a tribute more than anything else. He even had sirens at the beginning of his entrance music, like his uncle Scott Steiner.

Breakker’s linage was not mentioned on the show. However, that didn’t stop commentator Vic Joseph from mentioning Breakker’s “Dog-faced Gremlin Mentality,” a shoutout to his father’s nickname. WWE recently announced that Breakker (Bronson Rechsteiner) would go by Rex Steiner, but that changed before showtime.

Perhaps, the family didn’t want WWE to use the “Steiner” name. However, history points to a more likely scenario of the company wanting Breakker to use a name they can exclusively license. If Breakker one day leaves WWE, he won’t be able to use the name that will presumably make him famous.

Daniel Bryan debuted for AEW last week and had to go back to using his real name, Bryan Danielson, which earned him fame on the independent scene before signing with WWE in 2009.

It’s a shame. Rex Steiner was a cool name.

Breakker was an All-American fullback at Kennesaw State University and, despite going undrafted, was signed by the Baltimore Ravens last year. After being cut right before the season began, he joined the family business.

On October 22nd and 23rd, Breakker, billed as Bronson, made his professional wrestling debut at Wrestle Jam 8. The two-night wrestling event occurred at the Circus Tent Arena in Ringgold, GA, promoted by the American Wrestling Federation. Accompanied by his Uncle Scott, Bronson beat local talents, Jamie Lee on night one and Lex Lee on night 2, submitting both with his uncle’s finishing maneuver, the Steiner Recliner.

For months later, Breakker signed with WWE and reported to the Performance Center in Orlando as a part of their February recruitment class along with notable signees Franky Monet and Carmelo Hayes.

After seven months of training, Bron Breakker bookended his first episode on TV. That’s quite the accomplishment. It signifies that WWE has big plans and a lot of hope resting on Breakker’s potential. He worked in the ring similar to his father while exhibiting a little bit of his own cadence.

Breakker is 23-years old, 6’0 tall, built like a truck at 230 lbs, and looks like (and probably could) beat someone up in a fight. i.e., he’s exactly what WWE is looking for in a superstar. On his first night, the second-generation prospect looks like he’s going to fit right in.

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