G1 Climax, Queens’s Crown & King of the Ring Predictions

Three tournaments culminate tomorrow as WWE and NJPW hold one of the biggest events on their respective calendars. New Japan Pro Wrestling will hold the finals of the G-1 Climax, a grueling month-long, round-robin tournament. WWE will head to Saudi Arabia with a loaded card to crown a new King of the Ring, and one woman will win the inaugural Queen’s Crown.

G1 Climax Finals: Kota Ibushi will square off against Kazuchika Okada in a Wrestle Kingdom 14 (night one) rematch. While the winner will be the 4th person to win three tournaments, a win for Ibushi will make him the first to win it three consecutive times.

Ibushi won A Block with a record of 7-2, and Okada won B Block with an 8-1 record.

New Japan has been snake bitten since the pandemic began. Odd booking, lack of available talent due to travel issues, and just pure bad luck have caused New Japan to change course amid certain storylines rapidly.

The newly created IWGP World Heavyweight Championship has been a flop thus far. Hopefully, the G1 finals through Wrestle Kingdom in January will right the ship.

You can never go wrong with having Okada on top. For all the effort New Japan has put forth by with putting new names at the forefront, such as Ibushi, Evil, Ospreay, and current champion Shingo Takagi, Perhaps, an Okada win will bring a sense of normalcy to lion mark brand.

Okada is in the GOAT conversation; however, this year’s G1 is Ibusbi’s to win. Fate faded “The Golden Star” as his first run on top was uneventful due to circumstances beyond his control. Ibushi deserves a proper chance to shine as world champion.

A history-making win in the G1 en route to a title match in the New Year will allow New Japan to finish what they started with Ibushi.

Winner: Kota Ibusbi

Queen’s Crown: Selina Vega will face Doudrop in the tournament finals. Vega is a talent that many feel deserves a chance to shine. On the other hand, Doudrop’s fun-loving personality is beginning to pick up steam.

Looking back at WWE’s Performance Center shows during the pandemic, Selina Vega was the standout performer on Raw. Between the transition to Thunderdome and being fired almost one year ago, we simply forgot about Vega.

WWE rehired Vega in July, which was surprising considering all of the talents they’ve released this year. Vega has paid her dues and proven to be a reliable performer. Selina held it down with no fans; now let her do it in front of areas full of fans as the inaugural queen.

Winner: Selina Vega

King of the Ring: Two babyface wrestlers will lock horns as The New Day’s Xavier Woods takes on Finn Balor. The stars have aligned to create a scenario tailored-made for Woods. Woods should win, but Balor needs it more, a heel Balor to be precise.

Balor’s heel persona in NXT produced some quality moments, and it’s something we haven’t seen on the main roster. A heel Balor wrestling Big E down the line would make for some in-ring magic.

Balor is currently a babyface, but there was something in the periphery about his interaction with Woods on Raw that felt heelish. Besides, heel kings are always more entertaining.

Balor needs it more, but Woods deserves it more. In the end, needing and deserving often don’t factor into entertainment decisions unless it coincides with the story. In that case, Woods will get his Simba on and become king.

Winner: Xavier Woods

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