Thought’s on Jeff Hardy’s Release

WWE fired Jeff Hardy last Thursday after being sent home following a house show four days earlier. After tagging out, Hardy inexplicably left the match and hung out in the crowd. Video of the incident spread quickly on social media. Allegedly, he was impaired and under the influence. broke the news and also reported that Hardy refused rehab at the behest of WWE. Sadly, we’ve heard this story before. Hardy is perpetually over due to his immense talent, and his warm and carefree personality garnered a lot of love from wrestlers and fans.

Many promoters will be chomping at the bit to book Hardy for their shows. Matt Hardy is making the rounds on social media, stating that Jeff is in good spirits and hinting that his brother’s release was premature.

Hopefully, caution will be exercised when deciding to book Hardy. The element lost in the shuffle is that he was impaired during a wrestling match.

Again, we’ve heard this story before.

In 2011, Jeff Hardy entered a pay-per-view main event against Sting, while intoxicated, at TNA Victory Road. Showrunner Eric Bischoff called an audible, directing both men to finish the match quickly. Two minutes later, Sting hit Hardy with Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

Sting shot the pin as Hardy clawed his face attempting to kick out. Luckily, Sting is a seasoned professional. However, someone could get hurt with a less experienced hand. Picture a young and eager wrestler trusting an intoxicated Hardy with their body in the ring?

Jeff Hardy had Mt. Rushmore potential. Unfortunately, his demons prevented him from becoming a star of the highest magnitude. Now, that doesn’t matter. Addiction is a relentless disease. Jeff Hardy doesn’t need criticism. He needs help to learn that accepting help, in whatever form it comes, is not a sign of weakness and that he’s worthy of it.

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