Liv Morgan: A Different Type of Enigma

Liv Morgan has a new belt strapped around her waist. Eleven days ago, she won the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and later in the night cashed in the briefcase on a wounded Ronda Rousey to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. It was quite the shocker that most didn’t see coming.

Another title change saw Theory lose the U.S. Title to Bobby Lashley. But he turned his bad luck around as he was inexplicably entered into, and won the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Two surprise moments occurred. One was damned with faint praise, while fans and wrestlers celebrated the other. Liv Morgan’s win and successful cash-in culminated in a hard-fought journey with a happy ending many feared was improbable.

Liv Morgan is a different type of enigma. Morgan is not the most polished wrestler, but she’s not bad enough to write off either. Online enthusiasts celebrate her to a degree usually reserved for top-level in-ring performers.

So, what makes her different?

Is it because she’s an attractive woman?


WWE has pushed many female wrestlers over the years based solely on their looks, and the results have been mixed. Besides, Morgan’s beauty is present but not a focus of her presentation.

The answer lies in something Enzo Amore said about Morgan in a 2019 interview. Yes, I’m using a quote from the person who cheated on and wrote a diss track about Liv Morgan. Typically, not the best source, but bear with me.

When asked about his time working with Carmella, Amore stated, “Carmella is from Boston but supposed to be from Staten Island. To me, the real her is Liv Morgan because she’s actually from Staten Island, North Jersey.”

At first glance, Morgan came off as a blonde Carmella in her early NXT days. However, it didn’t take long to realize that she was doing Carmella better than Carmella. Later on, we learned what we saw from Morgan wasn’t some shtick but the genuine article.

The critically acclaimed WWE Network documentary Liv Forever chronicled Morgan’s childhood dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. It also inadvertently highlighted the flaws in WWE’s creative process.

Start and stop pushes for talent in WWE are commonplace. However, seeing it laid out in 1080p authenticated a long-standing rumor. Viewers saw Morgan ace every booking she received and be sent back to the starting line after each exam.

While a seasoned promoter will say people won’t pay to see their next-door neighbor, Liv Morgan is the exception to the rule. Her journey of self-discovery makes her relatable on a level that draws people in, despite WWE not prioritizing her narrative. In between the thunderous support, the peak behind the curtain, and capturing the title lies the perfect storm.

In the words of tennis great Althea Gibson, ‘’You simply aren’t considered a real champion until you have defended your title successfully.’’ Liv Morgan will make her first title defense against Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam on July 30th.

Can Morgan rise to the occasion and defeat Rousey at full strength?

Does #AndNew encapsulate Morgan’s trek to the top of the mountain? Or is there more to the champ’s story? Perhaps, watching how she handles newfound fame and glory will be as interesting as the journey that made her famous.

Either way, the world will be watching.

One thought on “Liv Morgan: A Different Type of Enigma

  1. It’s her infectious enthusiasm, I think that makes her stand out, and why the fans love her. As you pointed out her in ring skills are not on the level of an Asuka or Becky Lynch, maybe they never will be. Those are two phenomenal performers. I do think that she will keep getting better, and hopefully will one day be capable of putting on a great match with an Alexa Bliss or a wrestler of that ilk.

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