The Walking Dead #100 Review

The Walking Dead #100 | Writer: Robert Kirkman | Art: Charlie Adlard | Colors: Cliff Rathburn | Publisher: Image Comics | Price: $3.99

Most people, including myself, were expecting some sort of second zombie apocalypse. While this didn’t happen, fans paid one dollar more for 30 uninterrupted well-paced pages that changed everything for Rick and company.

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My Digital Illumination

While Wednesday is just the middle of the week for most, It is new comic book day for those of us who live vicariously through 32 pages of color, action, and adventure. Yours truly lived in a galaxy far away at the local comic book shop when the average kid dreamed of being the next Babe Ruth at Little League. Hell, I still live in a galaxy far, far away while most spend their time being responsible adults. The Comic Book Shop is more than just its namesake. It’s a gathering for those who crave to escape from the everyday grind and socialize with others in the same boat. However, that may be coming to an end due to the rise of digital comic book sales. Continue reading “My Digital Illumination”