Hulkamania has arrived in TNA !?!?

It’s official folks. Hulk Hogan has signed with TNA wrestling and will be invading your television screens on Thursday nights. This, without question, is the one move TNA needed to make an attempt at becoming a serious player. Hogan is the biggest name in the history of the business. He is the first name people think of when they hear the term “professional wrestling”. TNA wrestling over time has developed into a not so quality product. I know there are some hardcore TNA fans that love the product with a passion. Some have even told me their pay-per-views are “equal to Wrestlemania in every PPV”. TNA has some of the best wrestlers in the world but their booking is awful. I compare it to SNL. They have some great talent on their cast. But the show hasn’t been funny in years.

Dixie Carter has not made a dime since Panda Energy became the main source of capital for TNA. Bringing in Hulk Hogan gives her the best chance to recover her losses and even make some money. Hogan has the most proven track record for drawing money. I love the idea of bringing him in as a talent, but I’m not a fan of him having creative control. We know what happens when Hogan had control in the past. He often looked out for himself, rarely putting anyone else over. Wrestlers from all areas of the business believe with such conviction that Hogan held them down. Dixie Carter is not a wrestling person. She has listened to Jeff Jarrett for years. Jarrett is a great worker but he and his booking style have two things in common. There never has been money and there never will be money. Now enter Hulk Hogan, who’s needed one conversation with Dixie Carter for her to see dollar signs. It makes sense if you are not as smart to the business. Let the man who has drawn the most money run with the ball. Can he do any worse than a guy who has never successfully done big business?

Hogan’s entry into the promotion will be the bridge for his friends such as Ed Leslie, Brian Knobs, Jimmy Hart, and others to join in on the action. Wrestlers who have considered signing with TNA might reconsider their position since Hogan’s involvement will place more eyes on the product which means more money. I’m willing to bet a boat load of money that Hogan’s first live appearance in the Impact Zone will break the 1.2 rating TNA has been unable to surpass. Everyone on the roster, including Kurt Angle, will have to take a back seat to Hulk Hogan in some shape or form. He will have more professional freedom then anyone on the roster and will not have to answer for much of anything.

It might be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping time has made Hogan realize that he can’t just keep going over on everyone under the sun. If he won’t put over Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and maybe even Stone Cold Steve Austin, I can’t see him putting over Daniels, Samoa Joe or A.J Styles. Never the less, fans will cheer him with unconditional loyalty. I remember being at Summer Slam 2007 where I witnessed by far the loudest and longest crowd reaction I ever heard for anyone when the fans in the TD Bank Garden cheered Hulk Hogan to victory over Randy Orton. Love him. Hate him. Cheer him. Boo him. Make no mistake about it. The game has changed ladies and gentlemen. For better or for worse? Only time will tell.

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