Can Averno help Sin Cara save face?

Hell is coming to the WWE in the form of the Luchador named Averno. He is being brought in to work with Sin Cara because he is not getting over. The two have had lots of great matches together in Mexico and Averno is considered to be Sin Cara’s best opponent. Averno is going to finish up with CMLL in June in a mask vs. mask match with La Mascara. It nice to see the company work with someone instead of giving up on them, however, I question if this is the best idea.

Sin Cara was brought to the main roster before he could learn the American style. He can’t speak English which means he will not get over with promos. He was brought up despite all of these things because they are paying him a lot of money. This move risks ruining their investment before it has a chance to flourish. Lets say Sin Cara feuds with Averno for six months, they produce amazing matches and Sin Cara is finally over. What happens when the feud ends? He is right back at square one. Having bad matches because he does not know the style. Plus, six months of time was lost where he could have been learning the American style.

If I’m great at Algebra but horrible at Geometry, why would I spend two months of the semester doing what I’m already good at when I need to understand Perimeter and Circumference in order to obtain my degree? The theory to bringing in Averno is good, but the reality looks flawed. I hope I’m wrong.

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