WTF Is Wrong With You TNA???


I try not to be one of those people who constantly bash TNA but their booking is at the height of idicoracy. Last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling was built around Sting trying to convince Dixie Carter to hire Hulk Hogan back to run the company. Sting must be suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dixie Carter must have the worst case of short term memory in human history. Why would remotely you consider having Hulk Hogan run your company after the year he just put you through? Oh, you don’t remember? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

– Bound for Glory 10/10/10

Hulk Hogan turns heel and helps Jeff Hardy become the TNA World Champion. The newly-formed Immortal comprised of Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss all embrace and celebrate in the ring.

– Impact Wrestling 3/3/11

Hulk Hogan successfully sues Dixie Carter in a Fayetteville, North Carolina court room for control of the company. The Hulkster triumphantly strolled to the ring to gloat over his legal victory. He boasted about controlling 100% of TNA and laughed at how Dixie is unemployed as a result. He twist’s the knife a little more and states they he and Bischoff used her to get back on top of the wrestling world and that she forgot her place in TNA and that was to simply supply the money.

– Bound For Glory 10/16/11

After months of avoiding the match, Hulk Hogan finally fights Sting with TNA’s future hanging in the balance. If Hogan wins, Immortal retains control. If Sting wins, the company goes back to Dixie Carter. Carter is at ringside in the audience waiting with baited breath for the match to take its course. Sting defies the odds and submits Hogan. Immortal jumps Sting after the match and he pleads for the help of ‘The real Hulk Hogan”. Hogan has an epiphany and jumps in to help Sting and sends Immortal packing as Dixie and her husband embrace in joy because she has her company back.

– Impact Wrestling 3/22/12 (One year removed from Hulk’s court room victory)

Sting, the very person who fought Hogan so Dixie could have her company back, begs her to make Hulk Hogan the General Manager of TNA in his place. The segment and the show ended with Dixie torn between which way she is going to lean while the fans in the Impact Zone chanted “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan”.

If I stole and swindled you out of something that belonged to you, but you eventually got it back, would you ever in your right mind let me have possession of it again? You’d be a complete fool if you did, so I guess that is what Dixie Carter is, a complete fool. Homer Simpson wouldn’t even take this deal and you can talk him into anything.

A lot of fans have lost faith while others cling on to the possibility of TNA emerging as a national powerhouse that can compete with the WWE on an even playing field. It’s not hard to understand why. One thing is for sure, we can’t blame Vince Russo this time.

4 thoughts on “WTF Is Wrong With You TNA???

  1. A good point about Russo. He’s such a whipping boy for the Internet wrestling community, but we all know who holds the keys to the car in TNA. This is Hogan and Bischoff’s show. But even when TNA had good booking, it was never able to build on ratings or buy rates. If people aren’t watching, it really doesn’t matter how good the matches are.

  2. Im wondering where were all these people who now are talking about tna when in the past they ad incredible matches and nobody coverup. So, if roh got mainstream everybody will star bashing it forgeting the good it is. Well, I dont get it people. We should be happy because we have still good promos around here Nd we have to support them in order to have it in the future. I want to my kids learn to love wrestling as much as I do and I dont like the idea to thwm being told bad thins about companys from people. Wrestlimg will prevail. Support the sport. Peace.

    1. The reason why people, including me, are so hard on TNA is because we want them to be a solid #2 promotion. However, their product just insults the audience to no end and there is no care or continuity in their story telling. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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