Rapid Rant on Lesnar vs. Cena @ Extreme Rules

It’s hard for me to not be romantic about professional wrestling when matches like Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena come along. This was an amazing spectacle, with every element executed to perfection. Lesnar’s entrance alone with his MMA gear and bad intentions scowl screamed, “Here comes the pain.” 

Cena came out with a chain around his neck and the undeniable will to win as he was truly ready for the fight of his life. What came next was a symphony of domination and brutality as Lesnar battered Cena with an arsenal of vicious elbows, stiff clotheslines, and arm-wrenching Kimuras.

In the end, John Cena found a way to pin Lesnar’s shoulders to the mat, and everyone has an opinion on the matter. Some feel the WWE gave away millions of dollars with Lesnar losing so soon, while others feel it was just another nauseating display of Super Cena.

While the finish was suspect at first, the way everything unfolded made Cena’s win the right call. It might have been a different story if things were not executed as well as they were. Besides Edge, Brock Lesnar is the only other worker to get the fans cheering for Cena in Chicago of all places.

Those who have an issue with Cena only delivering two moves in the entire match; I want you to think about something: Lesnar couldn’t take a punch in the Octagon, so it’s not hard to imagine someone with Cena’s strength knocking his lights out with a steel chain wrapped around his fist. The AA on the steel steps was the exclamation mark needed to secure victory.

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