Justice League #12 Review: The Kiss Heard Around The World

Justice League #12 | Writer: Geoff Johns | Art: Jim Lee, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Colors: Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99

This is the issue everyone is talking about.

Superman and Wonder Woman make out and become a couple according to Geoff Johns.

The main story in the book serves as the conclusion of the Alan Graves saga. The League is able to battle back the ghosts of their loved ones, but the damage is already done. The world doesn’t trust them and Green Lantern quits, which makes complete sense if you read this month’s Green Lantern Annual. I

 found this interesting because the Justice League has been a team where none of the members can check their ego at the door, with GL being the worst offender.

All of sudden he quits for the good of the team?

This is kind of confusing, but it is clear Justice League is not meant to be a complicated story with a lot of heart.

It’s like a Michael Bay movie.

So what about that kiss?

While I’m still not sure they are going to be an actual couple, I like the direction they are going in. It didn’t make sense from a storyline perspective since they have had very little interaction in the new 52. However, the sexual tension between the two has been evident for years. Lots of fans, including myself, have always wanted to see what life would be like with this super couple and now it appears we are getting our wish. I just hope they don’t get one of those stupid names, like “Brangelina”.

Grade: B-

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