What I Liked About Raw: 4/28/14

RAW_1092_Photo_017 (1)

I really enjoyed Raw on Monday. Online chatter suggests the show was a failure and didn’t get them excited for Extreme Rules this Sunday. I saw something different. Yes, there were some things that made me scratch my head in confusion, but overall, it was a strong episode where the writing team has appeared to have gone outside of their wheelhouse and try different things.


– Bray Wyatt has the whole world in his hands  

Windham Rotunda has breathed life into one of the most compelling characters that professional wrestling has seen in some time. The blacked robed children’s choir singing was eerily brilliant. It sent a message that perhaps, Wyatt isn’t a false prophet after all. John Cena’s reaction to the children wearing goat masks when the lights came up was spot on and suggested that after all these years, he might be finally losing faith in the WWE Universe.

perfectsplash– The Usos put on a show

The Usos are finally getting their due and it’s nice to see years of hard work paying off, especially for a pair of wrestlers who were dismissed as job guys for the first 3 ½ years of their tenure. The tag team title match was solid with a great finish. Ryback picked up Jey Uso for Shell Shock, which I forgot was his finishing maneuver because he hasn’t done it in so long, and Jey countering into a roll up was a nice change-up. Curtis Axel delivered the Perfect Plex to Jey, only for Jimmy Uso to come off the top with a splash was a very creative finish.


– Sheamus needs a beatdown

Sheamus being jumped from behind by Titus O’Neil on his way to the ring was a breath of fresh air. Sheamus is that cookie cutter, prototypical WWE wrestler that is constantly kept strong and shows little, if any vulnerability, which makes you not care about the character at all. It was kind of shocking to see him put on his heels for once and have to find an opening to obtain victory. I hope this proved to the powers that be that different is good. If so, I might start buying stock in Sheamus.


– X-Men vs. WWE

“Magneto” confronting Dolph Ziggler and Hugh Jackman was priceless.Sorry,I’m a comic book nerd, so I loved every minute of it. By the way, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on May 23rd.


– Kofi Kingston teaches us how to get WWE Network

This might be a weird thing to list, but bear with me for a minute. I talk to a lot of people who are under the impression that you have to call your cable or satellite provider to purchase the WWE Network. This is not the case, and Kofi saying “Just like Netflix” made it clear to everyone watching that this is a streaming service.


– Ric Flair disses Evolution

Ric Flair endorsing The Shield instead of his former stable, Evolution was a nice change in direction. The segment reminded me of a mafia Don endorsing the new powerful family instead of his own. It might all be part of a classic Horseman style set up, but it came off extremely well.


Those are my thoughts people. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and tell me what you thought about the show. Also, check out gerweck.net for all of your pro wrestling news and rumors,

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