Do You Know About The ROH Pay-Per-View This Weekend?



Ring of Honor will present their first live traditional pay-per-view event this Sunday night, but you probably forgot or perhaps you didn’t yet know about it. The promotion of this show hasn’t been bad, it’s virtually non-existent. I was in the boat of people who forgot this show was taking place until I was reminded via an interview with ROH commentator Kevin Kelly. The lack of promotion and makes me wonder if they even want us to watch this event. I can’t miss an update about their iPPV’s if I tried, but it’s a ghost town of information when it comes to Best in The World’ 14.


So, why should we spend our hard earned money on a product that won’t give us the courtesy of regular updates? Because we love professional wrestling. TNA is damned with faint praise and WWE is hit or miss. If either one of those companies promoted a show like ROH has done with this one, they deserve to be in the red because they know better. This is uncharted territory for ROH so I’m willing to give them a pass the first time out because I want them to be successful.


Ring of Honor is trying to make an indelible impression on the national scene. If they can gain consistent upward momentum, more wrestling content will be available because there will be a third player at the table with a different set of options. Will a stellar show with a better than expected buy rate drastically change the course of the company? No, but it would be a great start and good word of mouth will convince people to buy more which will bring new money into the company that can lead to better production, bigger roster, and more widely accessible shows


ROH is generally not my cup of tea. However, I see why they have such a passionate following, and their roster boasts some of the most talented wrestlers on the planet. Diehards are already sold on the show, but here are some reasons why those unfamiliar with the code of honor should take the plunge. See Kevin Steen in the element that made him famous before he reportedly goes to WWE, watch the Matt Hardy brand that has been getting rave reviews, experience the rise of a future superstar in Mike Bennett, revel in the homecoming of an ROH original in Daniels, and witness the wrestler who many insiders feel is in a league of his own in Adam Cole.


$24.95 for SD and $34.95 for HD is reasonably priced for the event. While you, the consumer, is under no obligation to spend your hard earn money for an event under the auspices of support, I’d recommend giving it consideration. If that’s not enough to open your wallet, then try history on for size. This is the biggest and most important event that Ring of Honor will hold to date. This is also the most widely accessible an event of theirs has ever been. 12 years of critical success has lead them to this moment. I believe not only in the wrestlers on the card who have been there and done that, but the young guns who have worked their entire lives for a chance to perform in front of a worldwide audience on the platform they grew up watching….Pay-Per-View.


ROH Best in the World’ 14 airs this Sunday at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST Live On Pay-Per-View. Check out for more details.

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