Run Love Kill #1 Review

Run Love Kill #1 Writer: Jon Tsuei, Eric Canete | Artist: Eric Canete  | Colorist: | Leonardo Olea | Publisher: Image Comics  | Price: $2.99

My initial thoughts after reading this book were, “Holy @$%&! This is really good.”

This creator-owned series follows an assassin on the run named Rain Oshiro who is trying to escape a barricaded city called the Prygat.

There is a pronounced cinematic quality that shines in the opening pages with interchanging scenes of song and sorrow.

Jon Tsuei and Eric Canete produce a pace that engages the reader and never lets up. In a way, this story is the perfect teaser trailer. It gives you a strong idea as to who the characters are and where the story is headed without giving away too much and while producing more questions that I’m dying to know the answer to.

Eric Canete is the co-writer and artist on this endeavor and his illustrations hammer home the sci-fi dystopia aspect of the story. You could just feel it and it reminded me of the futuristic world in the film Freejack.

The page layouts augment the pace of the story which goes by pretty quickly, but left me feeling satisfied and wanting more at the same time. The pencil work is a little inconsistent at times, but it didn’t take me out of the story for a second.

If I were to change one thing, it would be the book’s cover. It’s stiff and doesn’t incite any emotion from a potential buyer. My reason for picking it up is because the title reminded me of one of my favorite movies Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow.

While the premise is something we’ve read before, Jon Tsuei and Eric Canete make it easy appreciate the world and the mystery surrounding Rain as it appears to be something that is going to get bigger and bigger as things move forward with this eight issue series.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

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