Run Love Kill #1 Review

Run Love Kill #1 Writer: Jon Tsuei, Eric Canete | Artist: Eric Canete  | Colorist: | Leonardo Olea | Publisher: Image Comics  | Price: $2.99

My initial thoughts after reading this book were, “Holy @$%&! This is really good.”

This creator-owned series follows an assassin on the run named Rain Oshiro who is trying to escape a barricaded city called the Prygat.

There is a pronounced cinematic quality that shines in the opening pages with interchanging scenes of song and sorrow. Continue reading “Run Love Kill #1 Review”

Review – Snowpiercer Volume 1: The Escape


Snowpiercer Volume 1: The Escape | Writer: Jacques Lob | Artist: Jean-Marc Rochette             Lettering: Gabriela Houston | Publisher: Titan Comics | Price: $19.99 | Release Date: January 29, 2014 | From my column at Forces of

Snow and deadly subzero temperatures have blanketed the globe, killing off most life on the planet. What remains, lives aboard a train in perpetual motion. Continue reading “Review – Snowpiercer Volume 1: The Escape”

Star Wars Legacy # 4 Review


Star Wars: Legacy II #4 | Writer: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman | Art: Gabriel Hardman | Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg | Cover: Dave Wilkins | Publishing: Dark Horse Comics | Price: $2.99 | From my column @ Forces of

The second installment of the Legacy series has established a different kind of tone from its predecessor championed by the Skywalker clan.

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Captain America #15 Review

Captain America #15| Writer: Ed Brubaker & Cullen Bunn | Art: Scott Eaton | Colors: GURU EFX | Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $3.99

The first joint effort of Ed Brubaker and Cullen Bunn brings about a fun new story arc titled New World Order.
Captain America has a full plate as he’s fighting a new race of alien invaders while having to deal with public opinion weighing heavily against him.

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Captain Marvel #1 Review

Captain Marvel #1 Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick | Art: Dexter Soy | Colors: Dexter Soy | Letters: Joe Caramagna Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $2.99

Carol Danvers returns and takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel. I knew I was buying this issue the second it was announced back in March because I’m a big fan of the character and its Marvel’s only female lead. I want to support this book because it is my hope that more female lead titles will come.

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Interview with SIX AM Comics

If you like old school video games, horror films, comics, humor and really cool artwork, then prepare to get AM-inated by the crew at Six AM Comics. Mark Marianelli, Kevin Letourneau and Daniel Griswold are the creatively talented trio that make up the company.


Q: Tell me a little bit about you and your role at Six AM Comics?


Mark: I do a lot of odd-jobs within the site, more specifically though, my role within the group is the head illustrator. I’m responsible for illustrating our featured webcomic, “Scholars”, as well as creating the majority of imagery around the website. For example, the page headers and any basic web design. On our Facebook page, we select people weekly (through various contests) to be “AM-inated”, in which we draw caricatures for them to use as Avatars. If you’ve had yourself drawn, it was me who did it.

Kevin: I serve as the Marketing Manager for Six AM Comics and help develop overall brand identity and strategy. I also contribute scripts and ideas for the development of new comics and games. I do a lot of social media strategy and creative consulting for clients as a freelance contractor, but my long-term goal has always been to get into the arena of developing intellectual property and franchises through interactive storytelling.

Daniel: I do a bit of everything from writing with Kevin on Scholars to making my own web-comic Honestly, which has a more random humor to it. Mark, Kevin and I go back quite a bit, and in High School we made a lot of video shorts based on my stupid ideas. We did obscure classics (to us) like “The French Director”, “The Mystical Green Face”, “Baby Demons”, and “Kung Fu-tage”. We all collaborated to make our longest running character “Refrigerator Man” – a man who sold his soul for the ability to move between any household appliance due to a need to escape from his tortured childhood. I like to think of myself as an idea guy, and when I have a cup of coffee and something to write or type on, I enjoy creating, drawing, laughing and hanging out to make stuff. That’s probably why we all get along so well – we’re all that way. That was a long answer, but to be a bit more professional, right now my role is Creative Support, making Honestly happen every Thursday, shooting game and Scholars ideas/scripts to support Mark and Kevin, and thinking up new ways to get people excited about Six AM like we are. Continue reading “Interview with SIX AM Comics”