Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 Review

Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 | Writer: Aubrey Sitterson | Artist: Emilio Laiso | Colorist: David Garcia Cruz | Publisher: IDW Publishing

I’ve always been a G.I. Joe fan and the number of hours I logged in playing the various incarnations of Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo would blow your mind. So naturally, I was all smiles when a crossover was announced pitting these two franchises against one another.

While this is nothing new in comic books, there are so many facets of the world warriors and our great American heroes that seem tailor-made for one another. How could this go wrong? 

If you’re looking a well-conceived narrative that intricately weaves together the best that Street Fighter and G.I. Joe has to offer, well, this is not the comic book you’re looking for. On the other hand, if all you want out of this event are fights, fights, and more fights, then this is the book for you!

The story starts off right in the thick of things as a secret tournament is being held by M. Bison and Destro. Its purpose is kind of hokey fails to provide any substance on the matter. The book’s layout is full is of information on the individual fighters, 16 fighter tournament brackets and “secret files.”

The matchups in this issue’s side of the bracket are Rufus vs. The Baroness, Crimson Viper vs. Snake Eyes, Hakan vs. Roadblock, and Ryu vs. Jinx. Each fight told its own story that produced entertaining and surprising results.

The artwork and coloring of Emilio Laiso and David Garcia Cruz presents a whirlwind of energetic fighting action along with an expressive flair that impeccably encapsulates the aura of both franchises.

While the creators did all of the characters justice, Snake Eyes stole the show and looked right at home in the Street Fighter realm. When looking at the rest of the field, there are only two fighters I can see who have a chance of beating the silent ninja commando. I hope he becomes a DLC character in future installments of the video game.

I wanted some more classic characters on both sides of the fence such as Sagat or Cobra Commander. However, a mixture of old and new is required in order to appeal to everyone. Perhaps they’ll appear later on.

Street Fighter x G.I. Joe provides fans with fights that don’t suffer from an almost absent plot. While the $4.99 price tag kind of stings, the book’s visual style, intensity, and characterizations will give readers just enough to chew on in this inaugural Street Fighter-centric chapter.

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