How I (Not So Much) Defended the Honor of Pro Wrestling


Growing up, I absolutely hated it when people said that wrestling is fake. Now, I knew damn well that what happened in the ring wasn’t actual combat. However, the word “fake” belittles the talent and dismisses the hard work that it takes for wrestlers to perform in the ring. So, I categorically denied wrestling’s predetermined nature. I didn’t know how else to defend the business as a kid but eventually came up with a ridiculous way do to so… Street Fighter.  Continue reading “How I (Not So Much) Defended the Honor of Pro Wrestling”

Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 Review

Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 | Writer: Aubrey Sitterson | Artist: Emilio Laiso | Colorist: David Garcia Cruz | Publisher: IDW Publishing

I’ve always been a G.I. Joe fan and the number of hours I logged in playing the various incarnations of Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo would blow your mind. So naturally, I was all smiles when a crossover was announced pitting these two franchises against one another.

While this is nothing new in comic books, there are so many facets of the world warriors and our great American heroes that seem tailor-made for one another. How could this go wrong?  Continue reading “Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 Review”

Pixels is Pixelated


In the third act of Sony’s video game comedy, Pixels, Josh Gad’s Ludlow professes his love to his 8-bit crush, the deadly assassin Lady Lisa, while she has him pinned down by a pair of swords. I was hoping she would run him through with the blade instead of falling for his romantic gestures because Gad’s annoying and uninspired performance represents the film’s overall tone.

Continue reading “Pixels is Pixelated”

New High Score For Wreck-It-Ralph


Wreck-it-Ralph is an adorable winner that all gamers and moviegoers can be proud of. It made me wish the arcade was still a cool place to hang out. The colorful and heartwarming tale revolves around Ralph’s journey to become the hero of the day instead of the story’s villain.

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Why No Love For Jr. Pac-Man???

Santa Claus was extremely generous in 1987 when he left the Atari 2600 and my first video game, Jr. Pac-Man, under my tree. While my friends were accustomed to playing with Junior’s parents, I enjoyed the prospect of riding around a maze in a tricycle. What I want to know, though, is how come we can’t get any love for the little guy? Continue reading “Why No Love For Jr. Pac-Man???”