What SmackDown Needs Tonight

photo credit wwe.com

The word is out. Last night, Raw was a hit. The show was great from top to bottom and now it’s SmackDown’s turn to woo the pro wrestling faithful. The blue brand is fighting an uphill battle not only because they have the weaker roster, but the length of their show is held to a strict two hours with no five to fifteen minute overrun.

There is one thing that SmackDown must do to make sure that their maiden voyage into the new era is smooth sailing.

Finn Balor is the talk of the town due to his star making performance on Raw. SmackDown needs to follow suit and make a new star, however, Balor is a once in a lifetime talent, which makes that kind of success in the storytelling department difficult to replicate.

While the tag team of American Alpha from NXT are sure to make some noise, a singles act is required to make this work. Mojo Rawley, who is also from NXT, is probably not the answer. There are a couple of ways WWE can accomplish this goal.

They can sign someone from NXT thus being the first brand to sign new talent post draft. Heaven knows there are several great options waiting in the wings. The impact of a new arrival combined with the right booking could create a lot of buzz for the brand while strengthen its roster.

Another way a new star can be created is to revitalize someone. Looking at the roster, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, and Zack Ryder are the prime candidates. Ziggler is the best option for this endeavor as some fans have given up on him while others are cautiously optimistic of “The Showoff’s” return to prominence.

Reviving someone’s career is difficult because you have to take the good with the bad of that character’s on air continuity. Ziggler’s hasn’t been shown in the strongest light over the last 365 days, which is fresh in all of our minds. Making Balor a star was easier by comparison because there are no bad moments or a plethora of start and stop pushes during his time in WWE.

If the writers can successfully remind everyone how good Ziggler is, put him in the right scenario and Ziggler himself can pull the trigger, it will be all good for WWE and their fans.

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