Backdrops and Body Slams at Fenway Park

Sometimes, I think I know how special things are until I’m immersed in the splendor of the moment. Then I realize that I didn’t have a clue. This past Sunday I was the play by play commentator for the Wrestling All-Stars of New England show at Fenway Park. I was also given an extra duty at the last minute that I had always been eager to experience.  

Chris Escobar vs. Devin Blaze with some random guy off to the side.

Twenty-six matches, seven referees, and two ring announcers… All of those matches divided by two people is a lot of work, so guess who got called in for the assist? That’s right, I made my debut as a ring announcer at Fenway Park! I received some good feedback but also learned how much work really goes into introducing the wrestlers to the crowd. You got to put them over, make them sound like a big deal.

The wrestling promotion that I organize, ElkMania, was represented in grand fashion. Derek Simonetti issued an open challenge for his Bay State Title. “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer, All-Star Champion, Jack Krueger, and former Bay State titlist “Bitter” Buddy Romano all answered the call, making it a Fatal Four Way.

Tony Spencer (in the green) is about to go into the turnbuckle.

I love how the reveal of opponents got over with the crowd because I could hear them trying to guess how many wrestlers were going to come out. I’m also really proud of the match that Simonetti, Spencer, Krueger, and Romano put together. They told a story that hooked the crowd and kept them for the duration, getting what might have been the most consistent reaction of the show.

In the closing moments of the match, Simonetti delivered a Death Valley Driver to Tony Spencer, before being dumped out to the floor by Buddy Romano. As Romano covered Spencer for the pinfall, Simonetti attempted to slide back into the ring to break up the count but was stopped by Jack Krueger. Since there is no “champions advantage” in a four-way match, Simonetti lost the title without being pinned.

Buddy Romano vs. Derek Simonetti is the scheduled main event for ElkMania 5 on September 23rd in Beverly, MA, however, things have now changed as the roles of champion and challenger have reversed. That’s a pretty good story if I don’t say so myself.

Northeast Championship Wrestling (NCW) was also represented as The Lumber Party, comprised of Lumberjake and Mike Paiva, defeated The Maine State Posse to become the new NCW Tag Team Champions. The view from the commentator’s desk was less than stellar, but I think I made it work pretty well. Thank goodness I was able to see a lot of the match through the screen on the roving camera.

I’m a few days removed and I’m still in awe of the overall experience. It has been fun watching all of the videos and looking at all of the photos from the show. I want to thank event promoters Beau Douglas and Dante Luna for the opportunity and experience. It’s something I won’t soon forget.

  • Wrestling All-Stars of New England @ El Mundo Festival  (Results)    7/23/17


Fenway Park – Boston, Massachusetts

8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Ty Shine, Nick Westgate, Alec Parnell, & Cory Michael defeated Jacoby Riddick, Calvin Campbell, Eric Dylan, & Kevin Cartwright

Atlantic Pro Wrestling: Apocalypse defeated Cameron Replay

Northeast Championship Wrestling:  The Lumberparty (Lumberjake & Mike Paiva) defeated (c) Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro & DangerKid) for the NCW Tag Team Championship

Triple Threat Match: Hellen Vale defeated Delilah Hayden and Nakoma Tala

Pro Wrestling Magic Heavyweight Championship  (c) JT Dunn (w/ Sammi Lane) defeated Johnny Vegas

Big Bear Challenge

Big Bear Matouch defeated Derrick Conway

Big Bear Matouch defeated Connor Tyce

Big Bear Matouch vs. Bugsy Stone ended in a double count out


El Mundo Tag Team Championship Match – Six Team Elimination Tag Team Match:

5 Star Spectacle (Spectacular JC & 5 Star Jace w/ Honest Abe & Tequila Rose) defeated The Baker Boys (David Baker & Devin Baker w/ Brickhouse Baker) and Turtles in Time (Steve Weiner & Dick Lane w/ Delilah Hayden) and The Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) and The Fellowship (Dante & Ronnie Ribs w/ Doc Ozone) and Era of Violence (Billy Vaux & Rob Marsh w/ Chad Epik)


New England Pro Wrestling Academy: Brett Domino defeated Scotty Slade

6-Man Tag Team Match: Tim Lennox, Sully Banger, & Ike defeated Alpha Squad (Dexter Loux & Jacoby Riddick) & Mike Skyros

Chaotic Wrestling: Christian Casanova (w/ Rich Bass) defeated Elia Markopolous

Triple Threat Match: Kellan Thomas defeated Furio Falcone and Osirus (w/ Doc Ozone)

RWA Tag Team Championship: (c) Heavy Hitters (Shay Cash & Frank Champion) defeated Danny Ramirez & Sammy Mak

SPW Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way: Don Vega defeated (c) Cargill Vinton and Scott Le Deur and Chris Matrix to win the title.

Pioneer Valley Pro Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match: (c) Jonny Idol defeated Tomahawk and Perry Von Vicious

Singles Match: Josh Briggs (w/ Susannah Louise) defeated Kongo

Pioneer Valley Pro Tag Team Championship AND Top Rope Promotions Tag Team Championship Match: (c) The Closers (Brad Hollister & Hammer Tunis) defeated Kool People (DJ AC & Sammy Deleon)

RWA Triple Crown Championship: (c) Mike Montero defeated Frank the Crank

Lucky Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship: (c) Vern Vicallo defeated Cam Zagami

Singles Match: Tequila Rose defeated Sammi Lane (w/ JT Dunn)

New England Championship Wrestling:  Chris Escobar defeated Devin Blaze

Singles Match: Xavier Bell defeated Dan Terry

ElkMania Promotions Bay State Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Buddy Romano defeated (c) Derek Simonetti and Tony Spencer and Jack Krueger to become Bay State Champion

UFO Heavyweight Championship & UFO Women’s Championship Tag Team Match: (c) Brian Milonas & (c) Davienne defeated T Phoenix & Isana

El Mundo Grand Championship Fatal 4-Way Match – Todo Loco defeated Beau Douglas and Jason Rumble and Slyck Wagner Brown to become the champion.

XWA Tag Team Championship Match:  (c) Take me Home Tonight (Ace Romero & Anthony Greene) defeated New Gore Order (Triplelicious & Mike Graca w/ Rich Bass)

Fenway Free-for-All Battle Royale: Cory Michael defeated Derrick Conway, Smith, Tim Davidson, Delilah Hayden, Connor Tyce, Aaron Amadeus (w/ Ricky Lee), Doc Ozone (w/ Osirus), Matt Ledge, Ike, Calvin Campbell, Carlos Esteban, Jack Gallows, Usatz-13, and Billy Vaux


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