Christopher Daniels Wins ROH Gold

Yes, I know I’m late to the party once again, however, this is a topic that I didn’t want to ignore.

Christopher Daniels beat Adam Cole to win the World Title at ROH’s 15th Anniversary Show. Daniels was 0-8-1 in ROH Championship matches. At 46 years old he was facing a 27-year-old blue chip athlete in Cole who was in the midst of his third title reign.

Near falls, superkicks, blood, mid-match promos, the ultimate swerve on the Bullet Club and three BME (Best Moonsaults Ever) encapsulates what as a great moment that was long overdue and better late than never.

Christopher Daniels was one of the best wrestlers to never hold a version of the world title. That sounds weird considering the “Fallen Angel” has been one of the most sought after talents on the independent scene and abroad for the majority of his career. 

After finding his home in 2002 with Ring of Honor and TNA, it seemed inevitable that he would be a world champion. His peers such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Low Ki and others were given the ball, but not Daniels. Fast forward fifteen years later, many came and went, but still no mountain top for Daniels.

Many called it a crime that Daniels never held the title. Some also wondered with curiosity, why.

Going on pure speculation, it’s possible that promoters either didn’t see Daniels as a world champion or saw something in his personality or backstage dealings that gave them pause from highlighting the Chicago native.

After doing some digging, the general consensus suggests that decision makers considered Daniels a great talent who is always going to be over with the audience and therefore, there was no rush to make him a world champion.

In other words, he didn’t need it.

Daniels was the first “Indy darling” dating back to the late 1990’s where there were constant rumors of his pending arrival in one of the big three promotions. While he had several cups of coffee with WWE, WCW, and ECW, a full-time contract never materialized.

Fifteen years later, a sure thing that promoters kept in their back pocket almost turned into a booking decision that was too late to capitalize on. Daniels made it work and then some with a standout performance that closed out a great show.

The post-match celebration saw fans throw streamers into the ring as several babyfaces came out to congratulate Daniels. The cherry on top was when former ROH owner Cary Silkin presented Daniels with the original ROH Title belt to go along with the current championship.

Getting the original belt was a nice touch because it symbolizes Ring of Honor at its best…It’s greatness. Something Christopher Daniels was highly instrumental in achieving.

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