Street Fighter V: Wrestling Special – Comic Book Review

Street Fighter V: Wrestling Special | Writer: Ken Siu-Chong | Artists: Jeffrey Cruz & Hanzo Steinbach | Publisher: Udon Capcom

Another Free Comic Book Day is in the books. Once again, I journeyed to Silver Moon Comics & Collectibles to peruse all of the offerings. One book in particular immediately grabbed my attention and as someone who grew up on WWF and the Street Fighter II video game, this was a must.

Our first of two stories focuses on the over the top master of “strongest style” Dan Hibiki and his professional wrestling debut. Dan is the comic relief of the series and wears a pink gi similar to Ken and Ryu.

Dan finds himself competing for a wrestling promotion. The catch is, he doesn’t know that it’s a work, i.e. not real. This doesn’t stop him from getting beaten from pillar to post. It was fun seeing inside wrestling terms throughout the script and used properly.

The second story takes up the notion that wrestling is very real and stars Zangief. The switch from wrestling being fake to being real didn’t bother me due to their video game mythos.

Dan is a traditional martial artist while Zangief is a pro wrestler. If the Russian’s fighting style was spectacle instead of sport, well, you wouldn’t be able to call him a true “world warrior.”

Ken Siu-Choung blends these two worlds together rather nicely, which makes the book appeal to die-hard fans of both genres. Overall the story is fun with clotheslines and elbow drops a plenty. If your local comic book store has some leftover FCBD stock, I say grab it. Especially if you fancy Japanese Women’s Wrestling.

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