Shane McMahon Out at WWE

Shane McMahon won’t be winning employee of the month in WWE. reported that all creative plans for Shane have been dropped and he was “quietly let go” by his father, Vince McMahon, and is “out of the company.”

Shane received a lot of backstage heat from the locker room on Saturday due to his erratic and unprofessional booking of the men’s Royal Rumble match.

Shane changed the entrance order multiple times throughout the day, yelled at producers, tried booking the match around himself, and changed things Vince wanted.

Shane has been an integral part of WrestleMania season since he returned to WWE in 2016 after resigning in 2009.

Reportedly, the young upstart Austin Theory will take Shane’s place in booking plans. Including the Elimination Chamber match on February 19th in Saudi Arabia.

While the narrative is McMahon fired McMahon, other reports state Shane was never officially a part of the company. After the backstage drama on Saturday, Vince decided to stop booking his son.

Now, it’s not hard to understand why we got the worst men’s Royal Rumble match ever on Saturday. Wrestlers didn’t know who they were eliminating or how they were getting eliminated.

Despite Shane being a popular on-screen character, his creative decisions and management style leave a lot to be desired. There were reports 20 years ago that Vince squashed some of Shane’s booking ideas, such as giving Steve Blackman a main event push.

WrestleVotes is a highly reliable source with a good track record, but how did we get to today?

It’s hard to comment on the family drama because no one knows the whole story. Shane left the company for seven years, came back, and now he’s gone, only this time, by his father’s decree.

This is pure speculation, but I believe Vince McMahon wants to sell the company and hired Nick Kahn to help with the acquisition.

At one point, Shane was supposed to take over. Then it was Stephanie. Then it was Triple H. WWE is a family business, but now no one with the same last name is getting the gig whenever Vince steps down.

Vince McMahon has enough money to last a few lifetimes. So, why sell the company instead of keeping it in the family?

Is Vince not doing as well financially as presumed? Or, is Vince concerned with preserving his legacy and believes Shane, Steph, and Paul aren’t up to the task?

Maybe Vince is taking a page out of Logan Roy’s playbook from the hit show Succession and only cares about himself and how much money he can make.

No matter what the real story is, one thing is for sure, Vince lost confidence in the family somewhere along the way. Triple H made everyone happy with NXT save for one person, Vince. It begs the question, what does he want?

And what’s next for Shane-O-Mac? No, he’s not going to AEW.

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