AEW Dynamite and Rampage coming on NJPW’s Streamer

The AEW faithful in Japan received some great news this morning as New Japan Pro Wrestling’s streaming service New Japan World announced that AEW television shows, Dynamite and Rampage, are coming soon to the streaming service. Also, a Japanese live version of the shows are in the works, all at no additional cost.

NJPW noted that it’s a regional deal for Japan only. There is no word if AEW’s pay-per-views will eventually land on the streamer. Still, this is a massive step forward in the working relationship between AEW and NJPW. This is more than the “Forbidden Door” opening again and more akin to the NJPW giving AEW the keys to their apartment.

AEW only runs four pay-per-view events a year, but unlike WWE premium live events (there are not PPVs anymore), Dynamite and Rampage are AEW’s prestige content. Japanese fans are essentially getting a two for the price of one deal. So, why does this matter to American wrestling fans or the rest of the world?

AEW’s working relationship with NJPW has seen the likes of KENTA, Yuji Nagata, Satoshi Kojima, Tomohiro Ishii, and Minoru Suzuki wrestle on American television. Speaking of Suzuki, he won the ROH Television Title at the first Ring of Honor show helmed by Tony Khan since he bought the promotion, which is a decent investment to make in a wrestler who does the bulk of their work in Japan.

The one-time Illuminati-Esque shadow war between the two promotions is now a budding romance that has taken its next big step. Will NJPW put a ring on it, or will AEW affectionately declare “You had me at Hello” to their strong style counterpart? What about ROH? New Japan has had a strong relationship with the promotion for years.

Could the “Code of Honor” also find its way to New Japan World?

No matter how you slice it, AEW shows on New Japan’s streaming service are a sign that anything is possible between the two promotions. Right now, most foreign nationals are only permitted to work in Japan for no more than three months. Eventually, regular travel to and from Japan will resume, allowing AEW stars to appear on proper New Japan shows.

Then perhaps, the real fun begins?!?!?!

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