NJPW Reportedly Acquiring Visas for Foreign Talent

New Japan Pro Wrestling will soon run on all cylinders once again.

Fightful.com reported New Japan has begun obtaining Japanese work visas for foreign talent. The promotion is looking to bring some names over the next few months, including the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, which features wrestlers from all around the globe.

Travel between the U.S. and Japan has been minimal since the height of the pandemic began in 2020. New Japan was unable or unwilling to bring U.S. wrestlers into the country due to national protocol.

The timing of this development couldn’t be better for New Japan. Their once soaring popularity took a hit as the pandemic, and poorly timed injuries hampered the promotion’s booking decisions. An influx of talent and the recently announced streaming arrangement with AEW are positive signs.

New Japan Strong, an NJPWWorld exclusive, has been an excellent outlet for North American talent and fans looking for work or to enjoy some strong style action consistently. Seeing wrestlers such as New Japan Strong Champion Tom Lawlor, Clark Conners, Karl Fredericks, and Gabriel Kidd could spice things up for New Japan proper.

More seasoned names such as JONAH and Buddy Matthews could find there way to Japan along with stars like Jay White or The Good Brothers. Chris Bey’s Bullet Club membership could see him in a New Japan ring. Kota Ibushi could return soon from injury since he was booked for the New Japan Cup until he wasen’t.

The more options a booker has at their disposal, the more creative they can get. 2022 could see New Japan return to proper form where they are once again the talk of the diehard wrestling scene.

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