Jeff Hardy Arrested for DUI, Again

Jeff Hardy is once again the hot topic in wrestling for the wrong reasons. Sadly, we’ve heard this story before.

Jeff Hardy was arrested Monday morning in Florida for driving under the influence. Hardy was driving with a suspended license as several motorists called 911 as he was seen swerving all over the highway.

Video of the arrest shows Hardy admitting to officers that he drank a fireball before getting behind the wheel. He also mentioned he has an upcoming doctor’s appointment for a “brain scan.”

The breathalyzer report confirmed Hardy blew a .294, more than three and a half times the legal limit in Flordia. He’s also required to drive with an interlock device in the vehicle, which was not present in the rental car he was driving at the time of the arrest.

AEW pulled Jeff Hardy (and Matt Hardy) from their scheduled ladder match on Dynamite this Wednesday. AEW announced in a delayed statement that Jeff Hardy is suspended without pay until he completes a drug and alcohol treatment program.

Hardy was arrested twice for DUI in North Carolina in 2019, making this his third in the last ten years.

AEW’s rehab edict is interesting because Hardy turned down multiple requests to seek treatment during his time in WWE. He vehemently turned them down, even at the expense of his employment.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there was always another promotion to sign him at the first opportunity. Hardy’s current employer, AEW, did the same thing, signing him in March after he was fired from WWE last November due to odd behavior at a live event.

Jeff Hardy is known as a nice guy behind the scenes, and many people are rooting for him to conquer his demons. However, he is also a repeat offender. It’s time for the system to treat him like a criminal instead of an addict.

Anyone stuck behind someone swerving on any roadway knows it’s a scary experience. If various drivers didn’t call 911, the world might never know that Hardy drove under the influence on Monday and he’d be still jumping off ladders through a table on Wednesday.

Flordia’s stale law states that a third DUI within 10 years is considered a third-degree felony. Hardy could face up to five years in prison, permanent license loss, and other penalties if convicted.

It is unclear how Hardy’s latest DUI will be treated in a Flordia court. While this is his third within ten years, the previous two occurred in North Carolina.

Here’s the thing that no one likes talking about. While Hardy has been arrested three times for DUI, it’s most likely not the only time he’s driven drunk and gotten away with it.

Jeff Hardy’s latest DUI proves that whatever he’s been doing to address his problems is not working.

Punishments, jail time, and financial penalties he’s accrued have not worked as a deterrent. They’re all negligible value to him.

The wrestling aspect of Hardy’s problems is deeply concerning. He got banged up in his match with Darby Allin and again at Double or Nothing against The Young Bucks.

He was given last week off and was going to wrestle in a ladder match tonight, two days removed from his arrest and brain scan admission.

If Jeff Hardy is using alcohol to help numb the pain he’s endured in the ring, then wrestling should be the least of his concerns right now.

Discovering coping skills to address his addiction while getting his body healthy needs to be his priority. Anything else could make for another incident with a sadder ending.

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