John Cena Returns to Battle The Bloodline on 12/30 SmackDown

John Cena will return to in-ring action on December 30th and team with Kevin Owens to take on Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.

During SmackDown, Paul Heyman summoned Adam Pierce, where Reigns offered to team with Zayn to take on Owens, and any partner he can find for The Bloodline can solve their “K.O. problem.”

What was supposed to be Sami Zayn’s big night with The Bloodline got an unexpected party crasher when Cena interrupted Reigns. Cena said he got a text message from Owens reminding him he’s wrestled every year in WWE for 20 years, but 2022 could break that streak if Cena doesn’t get a match in. Owens used that fact to ask Cena to be his partner, and Cena accepted.

The Bloodline assumed they would have Owens all to himself since he’s turned on many in WWE and has no friends in the locker room. Cena was already advertised for the final SmackDown of 2022, but no one expected him to wrestle.

Cena’s last televised match was at SummerSlam 2021, in a losing effort to Roman Reigns.

If there was ever a time to give Roman Reigns his first loss in over two years, December 30 is the perfect time to pull that thread. Owens declared he’s coming for Reigns, and Cena would love to get his win back from SummerSlam.

WWE played this one brilliantly! It’s reminiscent of the big-time tag team matches that headlined Saturday Night’s Main Event, where multiple story threads convene. Reigns ordered Zayn to team with him to prove his loyalty further and Cena teaming with Owens is a means to an end.

What if Sami Zayn cost Roman Reigns the match??!!

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