Year One: A WWE Universal Championship Retrospective

Four champions and fifteen matches over three hundred and sixty-five days encompassed the first year of existence for the WWE Universal Championship. The big red belt has become WWE’s top prize after stumbling out of the gate upon its arrival.

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WWE Universal Championship Thoughts

Stephanie McMahon announced that the newly formed WWE Universal Championship will be the top prize on Raw come SummerSlam. Some people like it while others hate it. What do contributors Atlee Greene and Adam Kohn think?

The New Era Shines on Monday Night Raw

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Wrestling fans who were dismayed over Raw having a superior roster compared to SmackDown at the end of last week’s draft are singing a different tune today. Last night, the new era truly took center stage as a new championship, well booked matches, and the creation of a new star made for a great episode of Monday Night Raw.   Continue reading “The New Era Shines on Monday Night Raw”

Samoa Joe’s Shocking NXT Title Change in Lowell, MA

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I’m six days removed from the NXT live event that took place in Lowell, MA. Words such as amazing, spectacular, and shocking don’t even begin to describe the experience. The night was capped off by the surprise title change where Samoa Joe pinned Finn Balor to win the NXT Championship, which is a rare occurrence for a non-televised event.
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Finn Bálor and Adrian Neville Set The Stage For NXT Takeover


– WWE NXT Results – 2/4/15 | Fail Sail University, Winter Park, FL | Commentators: Corey Graves, Rich Brennan, and Alex Riley

NXT kicks off in SWAFT fashion as Enzo Amore and Big Cass get the crowd going. They introduce Carmella who tells the crowd that Blue Pants (who defeated Carmella on 1/1/15) went back to the clearance rack. Emma comes out next with her usual bubble entrance and dance number.

– Emma vs. Carmella

The crowd loves Emma and they’re happy to see her back at Full Sail. Carmella doesn’t care and goes right in for the attack but Emma catches her with some forearms. Carmella is able to out power Emma to take control of the match. Emma bounces back with a two clotheslines. Emma looks to have things well in hand until Carmella delivers a drop toe hold and applies a leg scissors choke, forcing Emma to tap out.

The SWAFT crew celebrates in the ring while Emma looks dejected. Emma was a little more intense this time around and it was mentioned that Emma is back in NXT to jump start her career and she might be a little sour as a result. Carmella compliments Cass and Enzo’s act but she isn’t as over with the crowd, yet. Enzo has charisma for days and “you can’t teach that!”

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Trophies In Pro Wrestling


In professional wrestling, championship belts are the benchmark for success. Those who wear fifteen pounds of gold and leather around their waist are either considered the best in the world, or at worst, the top two out of three.

Trophies in wrestling also award athletic achievement and recognize merit of a particular accomplishment such as winning a battle royal or tournament. Declaring an honor such as “best wrestling match” or “coolest finishing maneuver” also earns with the winning nominee a trophy.

In 2013, Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) won the Best of the Super Juniors tournament for the second time. BOSJ is held annually by New Japan Pro Wrestling and is a round robin style tournament featuring 18 wrestlers divided into two blocks. Devitt defeated Alex Shelly in the finals to take home the trophy deeming him the best junior heavyweight in the world.

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