Sasha Banks & Naomi Walkout of Raw

The big story coming out of WWE Raw involves Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi as they legitimately walked out on the show. reported that Sasha Banks was not happy with how she would be booked for the evening.

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Kurt Angle, You Are The Father…Now What?

For the past several weeks, the mystery surrounding Kurt Angle’s big secret has been a focal point of Raw. On Monday night, Angle came to the ring and brought the alleged scandal to a close by announcing that former NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jason Jordan is his son.

Angle explained that he dated a girl in college for short time and got her pregnant, but didn’t know about it. The woman put the child up for a closed adoption, and Jordan wanted to know who his biological parents and hired a private investigator, which ultimately led to the reveal.

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Braun Strowman Passed the Test

Braun Strowman took a test on Raw last Monday when he worked the Big Show in the main event. It happens to every wrestler who’s been groomed for a featured role. Yes, he can bump, he can sell, he is a towering colossus but can he tell a story in the ring that is worth the price of admission?  Continue reading “Braun Strowman Passed the Test”

Goldberg Returns to Monday Night Raw


After months of speculation, Bill Goldberg returned to WWE, last night, on Monday Night Raw for the first time in over twelve years. He accepted Brock Lesnar’s challenge, with the expectation that Goldberg vs. Lesnar will eventually be made official for Survivor Series on November 20.

The crowd inside the Pepsi Center came unglued as they chanted “Holy sh*t” and “This is Awesome” before Goldberg said a word. The real emotion exhibited by Goldberg anchored the segment as he turned to his wife and son at ringside and said it was their first time seeing him live.  Continue reading “Goldberg Returns to Monday Night Raw”

WWE Universal Championship Thoughts

Stephanie McMahon announced that the newly formed WWE Universal Championship will be the top prize on Raw come SummerSlam. Some people like it while others hate it. What do contributors Atlee Greene and Adam Kohn think?

The New Era Shines on Monday Night Raw

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Wrestling fans who were dismayed over Raw having a superior roster compared to SmackDown at the end of last week’s draft are singing a different tune today. Last night, the new era truly took center stage as a new championship, well booked matches, and the creation of a new star made for a great episode of Monday Night Raw.   Continue reading “The New Era Shines on Monday Night Raw”

Kickin it with The Draft at WWE SmackDown Live


I was fortunate enough to score some snazzy seats on the floor of the DCU Center in Worcester, MA for the inaugural edition of SmackDown Live on the USA network. Wrestling fans watched on with their fingers crossed in hopes that WWE had learned from the mistakes of the previous brand split. Unfortunately, the draft went as expected with Raw making out like a bandit while SmackDown…Not so much.

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NXT’s Role in the WWE Draft

Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, Bayley, American Alpha…with the WWE Draft coming up on July 19, everyone wants to know the fate of NXT as 6 – 12 wrestlers are rumored to be called up to the main roster. Breaking Raw co-host Adam Kohn and I break it all down and give our thoughts on who’s staying and who’s leaving NXT for Raw and SmackDown.

The Bodyslam Podcast – One Night Only: Raw, Brock Lesnar, UFC, Cody Rhodes & More


What was supposed to be an episode of our Monday Night Raw review show, Breaking Raw, morphed into something a little different, a little familiar. The Bodyslam Podcast is back for one night only! contributor Atlee Greene along with independent wrestler Todd Graham and ring announcer Ryan Andrews provide their brand of insight and hilarity as they review Raw and breakdown the hot topics in professional wrestling.

Other topics include: Brock Lesnar‘s return to UFC, Mark Hunt, Cody Rhodes‘ chances on the independent scene and more! Click here to FEEL THE SLAM!

Thoughts on WWE Smackdown going live and the Brand Split

WWE announced two big news items on Wednesday. Smackdown will be going live on Tuesdays starting July 19th, and the company is taking another crack at the brand split. Raw and SmackDown will have distinct rosters, championships, story lines and separate writing teams.

On the latest episode of The Raw Deal, Frank Dee and I breakdown all the news, rumors, pros, and cons of this latest development. Plus, we also hold a fantasy draft with Frank running SmackDown and yours truly captaining Raw.