The Decision: Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks

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I would have called shenanigans if I hadn’t seen it for myself. Well, I saw it with my own two eyes, and Georges St. Pierre won a controversial split decision over Johny Hendricks that most people felt he lost. Questionable decisions are happening more and more in the UFC. The end result will generate more money because rematches are bound to happen but will it keep fans in the long run? All parties involved have to not only deal with the judges’ decision on Saturday but make a decision of their own.

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Calling the Shots of Georges Rush St. Pierre vs Johny Hendricks


Time flies when you’re having fun. The particular period of time I’m referring to is the 20 years that the UFC has been in existence. This milestone will be celebrated on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden when the greatest welterweight of all time faces his toughest challenge to date.

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Pendulum of Destiny: Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz


Nick Diaz is the enigma of the moment. Why, you ask? Well, despite losing his last fight, coming off his second failed drug test suspension, no-showing press obligations, making an uncomfortable spectacle of the one conference call he actually decided to attend, and hurling accusations of steroid use towards his opponent, Diaz is fighting Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight championship of the world on Saturday night.

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Champion vs. Champion: Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit Preview

Georges St. Pierre’s seventeen month journey back to the Octagon culminates on Saturday night in Montréal. Once the cage door opens, Carlos Condit will be waiting with anything but open arms and a firm desire to remove the interim status from his championship reign. This is a fascinating fight for a variety of reasons despite the resounding opinion of a GSP victory.

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MMA’s Evolution Can Be Found In The UFC’s Welterweight Division

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The apples and oranges argument of MMA vs. Boxing makes me roll my eyes sometimes. Some feel caged combat is overrated and deprived of any athletic craftsmanship. In contrast, others say clashes of the pugilistic variety are too one-dimensional and archaic to be considered real fighting. It’s easy to understand how MMA can look like an uneducated brawl at times, but you have to remember the sport is currently in its golden years.

Boxing’s organizational roots can be traced back to 1743, while the Marquess of Queensberry rules that were drafted in 1867 have governed Boxing ever since.

The first organized Mixed Martial Arts bout took place in 1989 in Japan for the Shooto promotion, while the Ultimate Fighting Championship held their inaugural event in 1993.

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