Calling The Shots: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz


Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz main event at UFC 183 is a fight that was never supposed to be made. A middleweight that walks around at 220 lbs. and a thinly framed welterweight doesn’t make sense in the combative sphere of the MMA. However, a gruesome injury, along with the eclectic desire to only vie for a high valued prize, suddenly made this bout go from impractical to something that makes complete sense.

Silva is coming off a thirteen-month layoff after recovering from a broken leg he suffered in his bout with Chris Weidman. Diaz emerges from a 22-month retirement where a seven-figure payday in a loss to Georges St. Pierre made him very selective on who he does business with inside the confines of the Octagon. Continue reading “Calling The Shots: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz”

Pendulum of Destiny: Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz


Nick Diaz is the enigma of the moment. Why, you ask? Well, despite losing his last fight, coming off his second failed drug test suspension, no-showing press obligations, making an uncomfortable spectacle of the one conference call he actually decided to attend, and hurling accusations of steroid use towards his opponent, Diaz is fighting Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight championship of the world on Saturday night.

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Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana After UFC 143 Loss to Condit

Today, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Keith Kizer, released the e-mail below to members of the media:

“The following athletes were tested:  Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Fabricio Werdum, Josh Koscheck, Renan Barao, Ed Herman, Dustin Poirier, Max Hollaway, Matt Riddle, Henry Martinez, Edwin Figueroa, Alex Caceres, Matt Brown, Chris Cope, Rafael Natal, Michael Kuiper, Stephen Thompson and Dan Stittgen.  All results received thus far have been negative, except Mr. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites.  A complaint for disciplinary action against Mr. Diaz has been filed.

This is the second time Nick Diaz has tested positive for Marijuana in the state of Nevada. The first time was on 2/24/07 when Diaz defeated Takanori Gomi via submission. The victory was changed to a no contest when Diaz’s drug test came back positive for Marijuana. Diaz is currently not licensed to fight in the state of California due to skipping out on a pre-licensing drug test thus, canceling a Strikeforce title fight against Jay Herion. Diaz was quoted in a 2009 edition of the Los Angeles Times saying “I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers,” “I drink 10 pound of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day.” 

He no-showed several press conferences leading up his October title fight against GSP. The UFC removed him from the bout as punishment for not fulfilling his contractual obligations to promote the fight. This drug test renders Nick Diaz a liability to the sport. Millions all over the world want to see Diaz fight. He should be a millionaire by now and fans all over the world will never get to see him in he mega bouts because he can’t put the blunt down. This is his second offense and that usually carries a 12 month suspension. In my opinion, he is unreliable as a professional fighter and the UFC should just release him. 

UFC 143 Results: Condit wins Interim title.


Stephen Thompson defeated Dan Stittgen via switch kick KO at 4:13 of Round 1

Rafael Natal defeated Michael Kuiper via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Matt Riddle over Henry Martinez via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Matt Brown beat Chris Cope via knockout at 1:19 of the 2nd Round

Edwin Figueroa defeated Alex Caceres via split decision (28-27, 27-28, 28-27) Caceres lost 2 points due to two low blows he landed.

Dustin Poirier defeated Max Holloway via submission in the 1st Round

Main Card

Ed Herman defeated Clifford Starks by submission via  rear-naked choke at 1:43 of Round 2

Renan Barao defeated Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision 30-27 across the board

Josh Koscheck defeated Mike Pierce via split decision 28-29, 29-28, 29-28

Fabricio Werdum def. Roy Nelson via unanimous decision 30-27 across the board. (Werdum displayed improved striking that kept Nelson at bay)

Carlos Condit defeated Nick Diaz via unanimous decision 48-47, 49-46, 49-46 to become the UFC Interim welterweight title.

After the bout Nick Diaz said about the loss

“I’ve not going to accept the fact that this is a loss,” Diaz said. “I pushed him back the whole fight, I walked him down, and I was the guy on top.

“You guys pay me a ton, but I don’t think I’m getting enough to keep going on. … I don’t need this shit. I pushed this guy back the whole fight. … I don’t want to play this game anymore.”

Fight Bonuses $65,000 each.

Fight of the Night: Nelson vs. Werdum

Submission of the Night: Dustin Poirier

KO of the Night: Stephen Thompson


My thoughts:

I was a close decision that will be disputed by some. I scored the fight 48-47 for Nick Diaz with him winning rounds 1,2 and 5 and Carlos Condit winning rounds 3 and 4. Condit usually fights for the finish but after the the second round he realized the only chance to win is to become a point fighter. He also looked shocked when his name was announced which tells the story. Judge Junichiro Kamijo gave Carlos Rounds 1,3 & 4 while judges Patricia Morse-Jarman & Cecil Peoples gave Condit Rounds 1,2,4 & 5. Another Greg Jackson play it safe fencing match gets the win but fans lose as it wasn’t the war we hoped for. It will be interesting to see who Gregg Jackson chooses to corner when Condit fights GSP in November.

Fight-Metric stats:

Condit out-struck Diaz in the fight by a 159-117 count overall, and a 151-105 number in “significant strikes.

In strikes to the head and body, Diaz landed 111 to Condit’s 91.

In strikes to the legs, it was Condit 68, Diaz 6.

Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit Preview & Predictions


The Ultimate Fighting Championship continues their Superbowl weekend tradition to provide MMA fans with a memorable encounter. Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz will unquestionably set the Mandalay Bay Event Center on fire with action and excitement as the sport’s top welterweight fighters will go to war at UFC 143. It’s a tale of two fighters who couldn’t be more different outside the cage and harness the same killer instinct inside the cage. Nick Diaz perfectly put this fight into perspective when he stated “You’re more in danger of losing a decision to St-Pierre; you’re more in danger of losing your teeth to Condit”

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UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller results

(Coverage I provided at

UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller

Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN

Color Commentators: Jon Anik & Kenny Florian

– Pat Barry vs. Christian Morecraft (Referee: Herb Dean)

Round 1

Pat Barry throws a leg kick and but Morecraft catches it and takes him down. Morecraft is on top and is working for the rear naked choke. Barry turns away and gets back to his feet and lands three stiff jabs. Morecraft ate a few leg kicks as he attempts to shoot for thetakedown. Morecraft shoots again and takes him down and ends up on top in the full mount. He works for a head and arm choke but Barry escapes and Morecraft lands an arm bar but Barry steps over to the right and escapes. Barry misses a head kick and Morecraftthrows a left hook and Barry slips it to land a right hook that drops Morecraft. Jumps on him to land three more punches and Morecraftis out and the ref steps in to call it.

Winner: Pat Barry via KO @ 3:38 of the 1st round.

Pat Barry said during the post fight interview that he knows everyone says James Toneyis his BJJ coach but he proved he can escape submissions and he is here to put on a show. Barry also gave a shout out to all the plankers out there.

– Mike Easton vs. Jared Papazian (referee Mario Yamasaki)

Round 1

There is some bad blood coming from Easton in the pre fight interview. He says he is going to make Papazian’s UFC debut a debacle. This bantamweight fight is under way and Easton runs to the center of the cage and they are not wasting anytime and swinging for the fences while tied in the clinch. Easton holds Papazian against the fence but Papazian sinks the under hooks and reverses Easton. They continue to land punches and knee in the thai clinch against the fence. The ref breaks it up and they restart in the center. Papazian is keeping him at bay with jabs while Easton is looking for his range with combinations. Easton misses a spinning back kick and eats a left hand for his trouble. Easton lands a thunderous leg kick and they trade punches once again in the thai clinch to close the round.

10-9 Papazian

Round 2

Papazian lands two straight right hands and Easton took it like it was nothing and lands a leg kick. Papazian is circling away from Easton’s power but Easton lands a nice left hook. Easton is control the cage while Papazian is looking for an uppercut. Easton lands another leg kick and a nice right hand and pins Papazian against the fence. Papazian reverses while lands some knees to the body. The fans boo andYamasaki breaks it up right away to restart the fight in the center. Easton uses a three punch combo to get Papazian against the fence and secures the takedown. Easton peppers away at Papazian while in half guard until Papazian gets back to his feet. The round ends with  Easton stuffing a Papazian takedown and winds up on top to land a few more punches.

10-9 Easton

Round 3

The competitiveness fight this fight is pretty good as both fighters are keeping a non stop pace. They trade some punches in the center of the cage until Easton pushes Papazian against the fence and Easton lands a knee as the ref breaks up the fight for a restart. Papaziansays the last knee hit him low and takes a few seconds to rest. The fight continues and both men are trading punches back and forth in the clinch. Easton has found his range while Papazian is finding the mark with the uppercutt on the inside. Man, these guys are fighting in close and only using a small amount of the octagon. Easton lands several leg kicks and drops Papazian with a right hand but Papazianpops right back up but looks stunned. They clinch and Papazian gains control against the cage. Easton escapes and they trade back and forth, again, for the last 30 seconds. This will be a tough fight to score.

Easton 10-9

Winner Mike Easton via majority decision 29-28, 30-27, 29-29

Easton in the post fight interview says he knew Papazian was tough and he knows he has a lot to work. Says he will continue to work his way up to prove he belongs in the UFC.

– Duane Ludwig vs. Josh Neer (referee Josh Rosenthal)

Round 1

Ludwig caught Neer with a right hand as he came forward but Neer  secures a bodylock and works for the takedown. Ludwig avoids thetakedown and hits Neer with another right hand and follows up with a knee to the body and Neer is hurt but signals to the ref that he lost his mouth piece. Fight stops. Ref inserts mouth piece and we resume. Neer eats some serious shots until Neer shoots for a high single and takes him down. Ludwig tries to create some distance with his legs and Neer jumps into his guard. Ludwig tries to get back to his feet but Neer sinks and locks up a high elbow guillotine choke. The ref checks Ludwig’s right arm and he is out and the ref calls it.

Winner Josh Neer via submission at  3:04 of the first round.

Neer said in the post fight interview that he wanted to stand and trade more but Ludwig was getting the better of him and he had to look for the takedown. Says his biggest strength is that he doesn’t like to lose and will to whatever it takes to win. This is Neer’s second straight win in the welterweight division and will fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him.

They air a video package hyping UFC PRIMETIME featuring an inside look at Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit at UFC 143 on 2/4/12. Jon Anikinterviews Dana White about the primetime series and White says they are two completely different people outside the cage but the same exact person inside the cage. White says Diaz is a fighter who truly wants to do nothing but fight and is looking to finish you.

Main Event

– Melvin Guillard vs. Jim Miller (referee Herb Dean)

Pre-fight interview hype, Miller says there is not a guy on the planet he can’t finish when he fights at his best and Guillard guarantees he is going to finish Miller. Miller comes out to “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Melvin gets the lights out superstar entrance treatment and “Fire Breazze” by Al Bizzare is his entrance music of choice.

Tale of the Tape


Miller 28

Guillard 28


Miller 5’8

Guillard 5’9


Miller 155 lbs

Guillard 156 lbs


Both 71

Round 1

Guillard misses two flying knees and drops Miller with a left hook. Miller presses forward and with a takedown attempt but Guillard uses his power to stop the take down and lands another knee and right hand. Miller pushes Guillard against the fence but can’t take him down. Guillard pushes him off and lands a right hand down the pipe and goes for another flying knee but Miller catches him and takes him down. Guillard fights back to his feet but Miller is still on on his back with his hooks in. Miller takes away Guillard’s balance and Miller cranks Guillard’s neck and moves it enough to get his forearm under the chin for the choke and Guillard taps out.

Winner: Jim Miller via RNC @ 2:04 of the 1st round 

Post fight interview: Miller says Melvin is tough and there are a lot of people in lightweight and “the other division” who don’t want to fight him. Says he is the most dangerous lightweight in the world and is ready to prove it against anyone. Also asks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers for his nephew (son of UFC middleweight Dan Miller) who is going through medical issues.

– Nick Denis vs. Joseph Sandoval (referee Josh Rosenthal)

Round 1

They air the first prelim from earlier in the night and Denis opens with some combinations. Sandoval fires back but take a few punches for his trouble. They are tied up in the clinch and Denis unleashed and plethora of elbows and Sandoval is out cold before he hits the ground.

Winner: Nick Denis via KO at 0:22 of the 1st round.

– Ariel Helwani interviews Pat Barry in the locker room and Barry says wrestling and BJJ will always be his weakness. Also says that everyone thinks the Deathclutch is done since Brock Lesnar retired but they are wrong and Deathclutch is moving forward.

– Ariel Helwani interviews Josh Neer and Ariel informs Neer that Ludwig said he spit his mouth piece out on purpose. Neer denies it and says he fought for 30 seconds after the mouth piece fell out. Says he is not going to call anyone out but he wants his next fight to be against a tough veteran.

– Prelim results

Daniel Pineda beat Pat Schilling via RNC @ 1:37 of Round 1

Fabricio Camoes beat Tommy Hayden via RNC @ 4:03 of Round 1

Charlie Brenneman over Daniel Roberts via unanimous decision

Khabib Nurmagomedov beat Kamal Shalorus via RNC @ 2:08 of Round 3

Jorge Rivera defeated Eric Schafer via TKO due to strikes @ 1:31 of Round 2. (Rivera announced his retirement from MMA before the fight and will go out with a win)

Bonuses $45,000 for each fighter

Fight of the Night: Barry vs. Morecraft,

Submission of the Night: Jim Miller

Knockout of the Night: Nick Denis

$45,000 for each fighter

UFC 137 Penn vs. Diaz results

(Live coverage I provided on

UFC 137 Penn vs. Diaz live coverage 10/29/11

Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

The first fight of the night will be in the Featherweight division

George Roop vs. Hatsu Hioki – Josh Rosenthal is the referee

Round 1: Roop comes out of the gate throwing high kicks and tagged Hioki with a right hand. Roop throws an inside leg kick and hits Hioki below the belt. Hioki tells the ref he is ok. Roop throws a couple of teep kicks and Hioki rushes in and pins him against the fence. Both are fighting in the clinch while trying to push each other off. Roop is blocking Hioki’s take down attempts. Hioki almost had his back but Roop was able to stand straight against the fence. Hioki switches position and takes Roop down.   He works in Roop’s guard with some punches and Roop scrambles back up as they fight against the fence until the close of the round.

Round 2: Roop is using his reach and landing with leg kicks and high kicks until Hioki takes him down and moves into side control. Hioki goes for a americana but Roop got his arm out. Hioki transitions to full mount but can’t do any real damage. Roop position defense from the bottom is preventing Hioki from doing anything at all. Roop lands an up kick which gives him the opening to get up with ten seconds left seconds left. Charges after Hioki with punches and kicks to end the round.

Round 3: Hioki takes him down at the start of the round but Roop gets right up. Hioki goes for another takedown but Roop sprawls to avoid it. They engage in the clinch and are fighting against the cage with Roop pinning Hioki against the cage. Roop lands several foot stomps while Hioki is holding Roops left arm but the ref restarts the fight with two mins left. Roop shoots in for the takedown is in Hioki’s guard. Hioki attempts a triangle choke but Roop gets out before its locked in. Hioki has underhooked both of Roop’s arms while Roop slams Hioki while in his guard to end the round.

Winner by split decision for Hatsu Hioki 29-28 across the board.

Bad decision for sure and the fans are booing Hioki. Joe Rogan asked him in the post-fight interview if he was surprised he won and Hioki replied “Japanese MMA is not dead. Please, check out our fights” 

Jeff Curran vs. Scott Jorgensen – Kim Winslow  is the referee

 Round 1: Curran opens the round with some inside leg kicks and throws some right-left combination but Jorgensen lands a stiff left hand but Curran keeps fighting. Jorgensen lands another punch that spins Curran around and Jorgensen follows up with a single leg takedown. Jorgensen is in the guard and throwing lots of short punches to the body. Curran sweeps but Jorgensen’s base and balance prevented Curran from getting back up and Jorgensen is back in Curran’s guard. The ref stands them both up with 30 seconds left and Curran lands an overhand right and follows with a knee but Jorgensen takes him down to end the round.

Round 2: They meet in the center right away and Curran throws a couple of haymakers until Jorgensen hits him with a stiff jab . Curran tries to take him down but Jorgensen blocks and wraps him up in the clinch and pins him against the fence. Curran takes down Jorgensen and lands a guillotine choke but Jorgensen spins out of it and wraps Curran in the clinch again and lands some knees to the head but Curran puts his hand on the mat do Jorgensen can’t throw any knees. Jorgensen takes him down but Curran sweeps and prevents Jorgensen from getting back up for the last 30 seconds of the round.

Round 3: Curran lands a stiff jab and Jorgensen follows up with one of his own. Jorgensen is not opening up as much because Curran is landing first. Curran lands a good body kick to Jorgensen. Curran missed a hail mary uppercut and Jorgensen finds his opening to rush in and pin Curran against the fence. There is blood coming out of the nose of Curran and he is getting hit with knees to the body. Curran pushes off and they are both fighting in the center again. Jorgensen lands an inside leg kick and Curran follows up with one of his own and Curran shoots in for the takedown but Jorgensen sprawls and gains side control and holds Curran in position to end the round.

Winner: Scott Jorgensen: unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Roy Nelson- Steve Mazzagatti is the referee

Round 1: Nelson is in the best shape of his career as his belly is a lot smaller. Nelson takes him down and Cro Cop gets his guard. Nelson lands a couple of punches in top position while pressing his weight on Cro Cop. Nelson throws a few more punches that do not land and Cro Cop kicks him off and gets back to his feet and lands a left hand under the eye of Nelson. Cro Cop lands a body kick and a straight left and Nelson lands an overhand right that rocks Cro Cop for a moment and Cro Cop lands a left uppercut that backs off Nelson. Nelson is constantly closing the distance but Mirko throws a left hand as he is looking for that one punch to end the fight.

Round 2: Nelson lands a looping right hand and rushes in but Cro Cop lands another uppercut and Roy turns around but Cro Cop follows and lands a flurry of uppercuts and left hands to the body. Nelson gets away from the fence and his face is bloodied up. Cro Cop lands a high kick to the head but Nelson shakes it off. They engage in the clinch and Nelson takes him down and moves to side control. Nelson is trying to pin down Cro Cop’s left arm. He is using his weight on Mirko’s chest to pin him down. Nelson traps Cro Cop’s left arm in the crucifix position and lands a barrage of punches to the face with Cro Cop unable to defend but he survives the round.

Round 3: Straight left from Cro Cop and Nelson follows up with a looping overhand right and a straight hand that rocks Cro Cop as he backs up against the fence. Nelson lands a straight left that hurt Mirko as he falls to the ground and Nelson jumps on his back and lands punch after punch to Cro Cop’s face until the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Winner: Roy Nelson by TKO at 1:30 of the 2nd round.

In the post-fight interview Cro Cop said this was his farewell fight and wanted to go out on a win. Says he was treated like a king by the “UFC Headquarters”  and he apologized to the fans for not winning his final fight. The live crowd applauded him as he left the ring.

Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo – Herb Dean is the referee

Round 1: Both fighters are circling each other and with neither one throwing any punches with the fans starting to boo. Mitrione rushes in with an overhand right and Kongo wraps him up and pins him against the fence. Mitrione underhooks both of Kongo’s arms so he can’t do anything. The breaks them up and they restart in the center. Mitrione’s hands are really low and but he is the aggressor. Kongo throws a body kick but Mitrione catches it and kicks his legs from out underneath him but Kongo gets back up as the round closes and the fans boo.

Round 2: Mitrione connects with a left hand to open the round. Kongo lands three inside leg kicks and follows up with a straight right that Mitrione slips and avoids it. Mitrione is fainting a lot before he throws a punch as he is backing up Kongo throughout this round but no one has connected with a big shot. Mitrione lands an uppercut and Kongo moves out of the way to relax for a moment and Mitrione doesn’t follow up. Mitrione lands two leg kicks and leaping straight hand followed with an uppercut to close the round.

Round 3: Mitrione rushes in but Kongo lands an uppercut and pins him against seconds until he lands a big takedown with ease. They get to their feet but Kongo is control Mitrione by his waist and is landing knees to the back of the thigh and takes him down again. Kongo has side control and mixing elbows to the body and punches to the face. The ref is telling them to work as Kongo is having more difficulty landing anything of significance. Mitrione attempts to explode to get back up but Kongo uses his weight and hits him with shots to the body to end the round. By far the most action and most damage of the fight. Kongo won this round for sure by out wrestling Mitrione.

Winner: Cheick Kongo by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz – Josh Rosenthal is the referee

Round 1: Diaz pushes Penn against the fence and lands some shots with no real power behind them. He keeps his weight on him until BJ gets away and lands a stiff left hand to the jaw. BJ takes Diaz down and Diaz rolls out of it and BJ follows and it looks like they are wrapped in a small package.  They get back up and Diaz lands some straight punches and BJ follows up with a left uppercut to the eye that hurts Diaz. Diaz’s hands are wide and low and connects a nicely timed right hand and BJ follows up with one of his own to end the round and Diaz shoulder checks BJ as he walks back to his corner.

Round 2: Diaz is talking trash to start the round and BJ answers with a right hand. Diaz pins BJ against the fence as they are both trading punches to the body as the crowd chants for BJ. Diaz has some damage on his right eye. Diaz tries to take him down and BJ sprawls and Diaz follows up with a knee to the body. Diaz landing a lot of short punches and follows up with a left hook to the body that hurt BJ. Diaz attempts a double leg takedown but BJ blocks and Diaz follows it up with a three-punch combo and Penn is hurt and backing away. Diaz is stalking Penn while landing at will. Diaz puts his hands up saying“What” as he continues to land at will to the body and head. BJ Penn’s face is busted up and he is tired. Diaz looks like he can go all day.

Round 3: Diaz starts the round with three straight left hands that land flush on BJ. Straight jab, right hook is the story of this round for Nick Diaz. BJ is trying to throw but Diaz keeps landing first. BJ lands a right hook to Diaz’s jaw but Diaz continues to stalk him and holds him against the fence. BJ keeps looking at the clock. BJ attempts a takedown but changes his mind and tries to land that one right-hand punch to end the fight. Both fighters and trading lefts and rights in the center of the cage and BJ lands a right hand but Diaz follows up with a straight left and head kick and Diaz grabs his BJ’s head with both arms in a clinch and lands knees to the body to end the round.

Winner: Nick Diaz by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-27, 29-28

Diaz was yelling in the camera, “I won that shit” repeatedly and during the post-fight interview, he called out Georges St. Pierre and said he doesn’t believe he is hurt. BJ Penn said this was probably the last time you will see him fight because he wants to perform at the top level and he has a daughter at home and another one on the way and he can’t go home to them “Looking like this”  referring to the condition his face is in and his right eye being black and blue and closed shut.

Preliminary results:

  • Clifford Starks defeated Dustin Jacoby via unanimous decision

– Francis Carmont defeated Chris Camozzi via unanimous decision

  • Ramsey Nijem defeated Danny Downs via unanimous decision

  • Brandon Vera defeated Elliot Marshall via unanimous decision 29-29 across the board

  • Bart Palaszewski knockouts Tyson Griffin at 2:44 in the 1st round

  • Donald Cerrone submits Dennis Siver with a rear-naked choke at 2:22 of the 1st round


UFC 137 Bonuses:
– Nick Diaz and BJ Penn won Fight of the Night
– Donald Cerrone won Submission of the Night
– Bart Palaszewski won Knockout of the Night
All four fighters will receive $75,000 each

UFC 137 Preview and Predictions

The bright lights of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino will play host to a UFC event where the injury curse has come in waves as the main event has been changed for the third time as BJ Penn and Nick Diaz will battle for welterweight supremacy.

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