In Hulk Hogan we Trust !?

I talk to a lot of casual wrestling fans. They watch TNA and get excited when they see the Hulkster on their screen. Once they listen and realize he is a heel who is trying to run the company for his personal gain, they change the channel. Hulk Hogan as a heel is not entertaining television in 2011. 

The NWO days of 1996 are long gone. Hulk Hogan is way into the twilight of his career. At 57 years old, he can barely move and wears a back brace. If you saw him on American Idol, he could barley throw a punch. The majority of TNA’s fans are “smart” fans. They know all of this and will have zero faith in a Hogan vs. Sting program, which seems to the direction they are going in.

People do not want to see Hulk Hogan as a bad guy. He should be used as a special attraction, not the main attraction. TNA is known as “that other wrestling thing” to the general public. This needs to change in order for them to be viable. Dixie Carter should have Hulk Hogan appear on every talk show she can think of in order to spread the word about TNA. 

Hulk Hogan can command an audience like no other. People who don’t watch wrestling know who he is and you can’t get a better spokesman than that. Spike TV also needs to step up their promotional efforts if they want the company to produce higher numbers. 

Hogan can make more money for himself and TNA in the long run if he is on the road promoting the brand while only appearing on Impact for special occasions. Then, when the time is right, Hogan should work a program with someone who can not only provide an interesting story, but with someone he has never worked with before, someone who he can help become a superstar.

Then again, Hulk Hogan has a lot of creative control in his contract. Perhaps making TNA more popular is not his primary objective. Maybe, his only concern is to make sure Hulkamania lives forever. The man put wrestling on the map and no one has made more money for the business than him. It’s a funny coincidence that my first article for Midnight Log is about Hulk Hogan since he was the reason why I started watching wrestling.

As the years went on, guys like Bret Hart and The Undertaker occupied the top of my list. Throughout the years, Hogan always remained a special favorite of mine. Which scenario sounds more entertaining: Hogan’s current angle in TNA, or Hulk Hogan doing everything in his power to make TNA a major player in the industry? Along the way, some punk will try to make a name for himself and attempt to take out the Immortal one as Hulk makes one last run in an attempt to slay the dragon which people might pay to see? Give me the second option. Give me change.

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