Wrestlemania 28 Preview & Predictions

The showcase of the immortals is upon us once again as the 28th installment of Wrestlemania takes place this Sunday in Miami, Florida. The main course will consist of two world title matches, Hell in a Cell and the biggest professional matches to come down the pipe in years.   (Column I wrote for gerweck.net)

1.) Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve: Celebrity involvement in Wrestlemania goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Maria Menounos pinned Beth Pheonix several months ago and has been mentioned a lot into the PPV. It would make sense for the champion to get her heat back, but Eve is the diva getting the biggest push right now. Just as Beth is about to pin Menounos, Eve will come out of nowhere and steal the victory thus setting her and Beth for the title down the line.

Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

2.) Team Johnny (David Otunga, Mark Henry, The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler)  vs. Team Teddy (Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, Zack Ryder & Booker T): There isn’t going to be much time for everyone, or maybe anyone, to really standout. Everyone will get one spot in the match to make a statement. Someone or something will knock Drew McIntyre out of the match giving Team Teddy the advantage. Just when it looks like Teddy has it in the bag…BOOM! Aksana turns on Teddy Long, costing his team the victory giving John Laurinaitis control of both shows, and besides, it’s more entertaining to have a heel in charge. It’s important that either Miz or Ziggler gets the pinfall.

Winner: Team Johnny

3.) Randy Orton vs. Kane: This will be a back and forth match with some high impact moves. Kane will get the upper hand for a little bit and just when it looks like he is going to finish the job, the viper strikes He will beat Kane so bad that the big red monster will think twice before messing with Randy Orton again. The Punt will be the exclamation mark.  Besides John Cena and maybe CM Punk, Randy Orton is the star of the company. They love him and there is no way he loses on the big stage.

Winner: Randy Orton

4.) Intercontinental Championship – Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show: My prediction is this will open the show as Cody Rhodes will be under the biggest spotlight of his career to date. Some might say Rhodes should go over for the sake of establishing new stars. He has really stepped up his game over the past several months and will be an impact player at some point. The storyline is Big Show chokes at Wrestlemania. If he loses, Cody is right and there is no reason to care about the Big Show. I see Wrestlemania redemption and a first IC title run via the WMD express to the pretty face of Rhodes.

Winner: Big Show

5.) World Heavyweight Championship – Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: What a difference a year makes! Anyone telling you they predicted these two in the WHC title match at Wrestlemania is lying to you. They were bumped off last year’s card at the last minute and sent to dark match central. Some feel Bryan’s title reign is past its expiration date while others feel that he has only scratched the surface. Sheamus was an effective heel and he’s become an effective babyface. I don’t see them getting a lot of time so they will have to make the most of it. These two work very hard night in and night out and they will look to put on a great show on Sunday. Sheamus is on a whirl wind of momentum right now and leaving Miami without the big gold belt is just silly.

Winner: Sheamus

6.) WWE Championship – CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho: The days of the title bouts being the most important match on a professional card are gone. Moneyweight fights as boxing calls them, where the main attraction is determined by star power instead of championship metal is what puts asses in the seats. What started out as a match to see who the best in the world is, has turned personal. Ricky Steamboat said sometime ago that he and Randy Savage knew that Hulk and Andre sold the show and they were going to steal the show. Jericho and Punk find themselves in a very similar position and I’m willing to bet they relish it and will do everything in their power to make their encounter one of the best Wrestlemania matches of all time. Jericho will pin CM Punk by some small form of cheating after a straight down the line match setting up the rematch next month in Punk’s home town.

Winner: Chris Jericho.

7.) Hell in a Cell – Undertaker vs. HHH: Shawn Micheals had two tries to end the streak and failed. HHH has also had two tries and failed but he has been granted a third chance because it was the Undertaker who challenged him. HHH says he knows what he has to do in order to end the streak which means Undertaker will have to fight even harder than he did last year. The stakes have been raised with HBK as the referee. That means this match has to be better than last years encounter, which was incredible. It can’t be on par, it has to be better because nothing else will do. HBK will tease screwing each wrestler and eventually land some sweet chin music on both of them. In the end, the Undertaker will come though like he always does but will take a beating in the process.

Winner: Undertaker

8.) John Cena vs. The Rock: The is a wrestling match fans thought they would never see. The Rock optimizes what the WWE was and John Cena represents what the WWE is today. The Rock is making a rare appearance while John Cena is the guy who is wrestling on Raw every Monday. This is supposed to turn fans against the Rock but Cena’s loyalty means diddly squat when a major segment of the audience despises him. Conventional wisdom says John Cena wins because he will be on Raw in the weeks to come unlike his opponent. Previous attempts have proven that the fans don’t want Rock endorsing John Cena in anyway shape or form. Cena winning in Miami will draw a thunderous amount of boos and Rock shaking his hand at the end might cause a riot. The majority of the people who buy this pay-per-view or purchase a ticket are paying to see the Rock and they want him to win.

Winner: The Rock

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