Captain Marvel #1 Review

Captain Marvel #1 Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick | Art: Dexter Soy | Colors: Dexter Soy | Letters: Joe Caramagna Publisher: Marvel Comics | Price: $2.99

Carol Danvers returns and takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel. I knew I was buying this issue the second it was announced back in March because I’m a big fan of the character and its Marvel’s only female lead. I want to support this book because it is my hope that more female lead titles will come.

Two of DC Comics’ best books are Batwoman and Wonder Woman and Mera in the Aquaman series is loads of fun.

Enough with the technical data, you want to know if the book is any good. Well, the book has already been ordered for a second printing. But that happens to every other comic book.

My answer is a resounding, YES!

Our story opens with Carol Danvers and Captain America battling the Absorbing Man in New York City.

They take him down and the press is dying to know who Cap’s new partner is since Danvers is wearing a new costume. Later, she is presented with the idea of taking the Captain Marvel moniker. She refuses at first but then, she starts thinking about the possibility and eventually says yes. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy deserve a lot of credit for creating a beautiful book that is full of heart and personality. The creative importance of lettering in comics is often over looked. Joe Caramagna’s wonderful lettering of Carol’s looks like hand writing you would find in a journal instead of the customary rectangular box with type.

It gave the book that extra push in a personal direction because this period of time in Carol Danvers’ life is very personal for her and she was gracious enough to let us in.

Grade: A 

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