Justice League #13 Review

Justice League #13 | Writer: Geoff Johns & Jeff Lemire | Art: Tony S. Daniel, Richard Friend & Batt | Colors: Tomeu Morey & Jay David Ramos | Publisher: DC Comics | Price: $3.99

Geoff Johns pens a new two part story arc with Tony S. Daniel working the pencils in place of Jim Lee. We get some clarification on the kiss heard around the world in the last issue and then the action starts off swinging in a beautiful two page layout of Wonder Woman and Cheetah duking it out.

Bits and pieces of their history are revealed which explains the personal stakes involved for Diana. The script is reminiscent of The Avengers movie in sense that each member of the League gets equal page time and they all add something different and important to the plot.

It was refreshing to see them work as a team and show concern for one another instead of the dick measuring contest we have been treated to over the last twelve issues.

So, how was Cheetah’s foray in the new 52?

It was bad ass on every level. The villainous feline is one of the most iconic evil doers in the DC Comics stable. Using Barbara Minerva was the right choice not only because she is the most modern version of the character, but her history with wanting to best Diana is more personal and translates the best into the new universe because while the Cheetah’s motives are different, the end game is the same.

Tony S. Daniel’s work on this book was spot on. The way he depicted Cheetah’s movement was like an aggressive gymnast whose stuck landings delivers serious damage to her opponent. She looks like she is in the angriest of moods when she is just standing around and never mind when she is beating someone up.

We are also treated to an interesting back story written by Jeff Lemire involving Steve Trevor and a certain Emerald Archer that sets up next year’s Justice League of America book.

Grade: A-

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