History and Doubt Equals Opportunity at Hell in a Cell


From the midnight ride of Paul Revere to the Red Sox breaking the 86-year Curse of the Bambino, Boston is no stranger to historic moments occurring on its shores. Another such moment, on a different scale, is set to occur on October 30 as Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte will be the first ever women’s match to take place inside of Hell in a Cell, at the TD Garden.

Mick Foley upped the ante when he announced Tuesday morning on Facebook that Sasha Banks and Charlotte will main event Hell in a Cell. Later on, Foley deflated the balloon of excitement when he clarified that the match order for the show is not yet final.

If the match ends up being the main event, it would be the first time that a women’s match has gone on last during a WWE Pay-Per-View. 

History is a funny word when talking about WWE as of late because traditional pay-per-view buy rates no longer drive the market place. Instead, their reliance on WWE Network subscriptions has changed how the company does business.

The company is allowed to take more creative chances, however, historical accomplishments tend to be deemed less relevant.

It is fair to say that the aforementioned match wouldn’t be in consideration to headline Hell in a Cell or take place in the Cell itself if WWE was primarily counting on consumers to pay $54.95 to their cable or satellite provider to watch the show.

While women’s wrestling has never been more popular and respected, modernly speaking, but there are no household names like a Ronda Rousey, yet, to promote the ladies to their fullest.

Since women’s wrestling wouldn’t satisfy the economic needs of a main event match under the old model, there are those who feel that a headlining women’s match under the current model hasn’t truly earned its spot on the marquee.

That kind of logic is tantamount to someone burying their head in the sand in order to ignore change. Evolution occurs in every genre, which brings about progression and statistical alterations. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the highest grossing film, domestically, of all time, however, when adjusted for inflation, Gone with the Wind gets the nod.

Ultimately, Star Wars wears the crown of box office king because it’s not Disney fault that the cost of movie tickets is constantly increasing. Just like it isn’t Charlotte and Sasha Banks’ fault for receiving an unprecedented opportunity because their employer, WWE, changed their financial strategy to allow more creative flexibility.

The wrestling business, which is traditionally resistant to change, has done a great job of embracing and reflecting society’s current outlook towards women’s increased role in sports and entertainment. In NXT, the women are having some of the brand’s best matches while often stealing the show on the TakeOver specials.

This was a developmental philosophy, which led to WWE trying it on for size on the main roster.

Sasha Banks, Charlotte or any other woman should be proud of any featured or main event opportunity they’re booked in. Diluting their accomplishments because it wasn’t earned by a previous metric devalues change. The women should go on last because it would be a landmark moment that will produce the loudest reaction, tangible sentiment and the best story, since Sasha will be the hometown favorite.

I only wish this news came to light sooner. Otherwise, I would have bought a ticket.

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