Goldberg Slays Lesnar with Rumble on the Horizon


If I told you that Goldberg would destroy Brock Lesnar in one minute and twenty-six seconds, you’d think I was crazy. Well, last Sunday, at Survivor Series, that is exactly what happened as a sold-out crowd at the Air Canada Centre applauded the swift destruction of the beast incarnate.

While you couldn’t tell by listening to the live audience reaction, opinion online is split down the middle at the result. Some absolutely loved the Tyson like the finish while others felt ripped off because they expected the usual 15 – 20 minute back and forth match.

The match started with Lesnar running Goldberg into a corner and Goldberg shoving Lesnar down in return. When Lesnar went to get up, Goldberg hits the first spear. He then hit the second spear, which led to the Jackhammer and a quick win.

The expedited affair kept me guessing as each moment, each move, was more surprising than the next. “Damn, already” was my reaction to the first spear by Goldberg. “They’re really trying to work us into believing that the end is near” when Lesnar was leveled with the second spear.

Lesnar sold both spears as if he could barely stand up. Goldberg hoisted him up for the jackhammer. “Wow, this is a great way to start the match.” Goldberg drilled Lesnar into the mat and covers him. “Lesnar is gonna kick out and rapidly return the favor with two German suplexes followed by a… OMG, THEY REALLY DID IT.”

This type of ending to a WWE main event would be a rip off at $59.99. However, at $9.99, it’s hardly a robbery. Several people expressed to me that they wanted to see what Goldberg had after being gone for so long. Honestly, what we saw at Survivor Series is probably all he has.

That’s not a knock-on Goldberg. He’s never done all that much in the ring, which is why in WCW, short matches paid big dividends. Why do more to gain less when, in this case, less is more? Not everyone can get over with the audience by quickly destroying their opponents. Goldberg looks the part, feels the part, and has an intense presence that augments his character.

The next night on Raw, Goldberg was announced as the first entrant in the upcoming thirty-man Royal Rumble match. Last night, Paul Heyman responded in a teary-eyed interview stating that if Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble match, then Lesnar is going to be in the Royal Rumble match while revealing that Lesnar is in the mindset that he has something to prove.

The only thing scarier than a beast who relishes inflicting pain is a beast who feels they have to substantiate their legacy.

It took twelve years, but WWE finally got Goldberg right. As a result, Lesnar’s annihilation was a great piece of business that has the audience clamoring for the next chapter of their feud. This has become the top feud in WWE, which will go a long way towards filling the 65,000-seat Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Something that a standard back and forth match between these two would never accomplish.

One thought on “Goldberg Slays Lesnar with Rumble on the Horizon

  1. Excellent analysis. I am huge fan of the Undertaker, so it was great to see The Beast get his ass kicked for a change. I’ve always been entertained and thrilled by Goldberg. I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote, what he does, he does very well, putting him in a John Cena vs AJ Styles type of match wouldn’t be a good because it doesn’t play to Goldberg’s strengths.

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