Calling Fenway, Again!

Once again, your boy was booked to work the wrestling show at Fenway Park as part of the El Mundo Latin Family Festival. The plan was to split ring announcing duties and do commentary on one match in particular since I knew all of the wrestlers involved. Well, I never got the chance to ring announce due to one slight problem. Someone forgot to book the timekeeper. You know, the guy that rings the bell.

In fact, no one realized that the actual physical bell was missing until the referee signaled for it. No ding, ding, and the referee Redd Roche’s calm wave turned feverishly angry as a quiet panic ensued at ringside. Even the DJ looked for a bell file in his music catalog to simulate over the speakers. The wrestlers said the heck with all this and locked up to begin the match.

Moments later, event promoter, Dante Luna found the bell, hustled through the audience and held it over the barricade for someone to grab. Slight problem, however. No one went to grab the bell. At that point, I knew what I had to do. I grabbed the bell, placed it on the table and banged it with a hammer to signal the commencement of combative theater…three minutes late.

My ringside seat.

Appointing myself as timekeeper sealed the fate of Loren Petisce as the sole ring announcer for seventeen matches over four hours. That is a lot of work and I couldn’t get the message to her until the after the third match…The joys of independent wrestling folks!

Overall, it was a fun show. The crowd really didn’t get into it until the second half. All of the wrestlers worked hard, it’s just one of those things that can happen when one act of a large festival full of events.


Wrestling All-Stars of New England Results 8/26/18

El Mundo Latin Family Festival @ Fenway Park – Boston, Massachusetts

  1. “The International Male” Aaron Amadeus defeated Derrick Conway, Crispin Coles and “Insane” Dick Lane in a Fatal Four Way Match
  2. Vanity Vixen pinned Delilah Hayden
  3. Green Monster Innovational Tournament: Sami Diaz defeated King Leon the 6th, Dan Terry, and CPA.
  4. Night Breed defeated Ike & Brandino Davis
  5. Bugsy Stone and Big Bear Matouch wrestled to a double disqualification
  6. Green Monster Innovational Tournament: “The Selfie Made Man” Vern Vicallo defeated Sully Banger, Connor Davies and Bobby Ocean.
  7. “The Punisher” Don Vega defeated “S.O.G.” Ronnie Ribs w/ Doc Ozone
  8. Green Monster Innovational Tournament: “Riot” Kellan Thomas defeated Garrett Holiday, “Slamdance” Tim Lenox and Showtime.
  9. Rosie pinned Isana
  10. “The Dynasty” Beau Douglas pinned “Alpha Dog” Jason Rumble
  11. Green Monster Innovational Tournament: Channing Thomas defeated Derek Simonetti, Lumber Jake and Dan De Man
  12. Bullet Joe defeated Rob “The Giant” Araujo
  13. Triple Threat Match: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Ryan Frost w/ Aubrey and “Smart” Mark Sterling
  14. “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy pinned Todo Loco to become the new El Mumdo Heavyweight Champion due to interference from Survivor’s Richard Hatch
  15. Tag Team Gauntlet Match: “The Prize” Alec Price & Eddie White defeated The Five Star Spectacle to become the new El Mundo Tag Team Champions
  16. Green Monster Innovational Tournament Finals: Channing Thomas defeated Vern Vicallo, “Riot” Kellan Thomas and Sami Diaz to win the tournament.
  17. Isana won a 30 person Battle Royal by eliminating Jake in the finals moments of the contest.



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